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How to Choose an Oxfordshire Wedding Planner

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If you want your wedding planning to be less stressful and more organised, it makes sense to hire a professional. More and more people are looking for the skills of specialist wedding planners to help them create the perfect wedding. If you live in Oxfordshire, or you are planning a wedding to take place in Oxford or the surroundings, there are plenty of local and experienced wedding planners to choose from. But how do you know if they are going to be a good fit and plan the wedding of your dreams? Make the right decision with these key questions.

  1. Check Availability

There is no point deciding on the perfect wedding planner if they are not available to help on the actual date of your wedding. It should be one of your first questions – are you available? If you are flexible with your dates you can bend them to accommodate a wedding planner if you decide she or he is the one for you.

  1. Find Out About Services Provided

Practically every wedding planner in Oxford works in a different way. Some will offer coordination on the day of the wedding only, others will offer full-service event planning from the moment you set the date until the honeymoon. It depends on your budget and your preferences what you are looking for. But you should discuss what they offer so there are no disappointments or unexpected issues. Decide how much support you need – do you want someone to handle everything, or are there certain aspects of the event that you can take on yourself?

  1. Discuss Costs

This is another important consideration, both in terms of what you will be paying the planner and also the budget you give them to organise the wedding. You should ask
what the price is of the average wedding they plan. Some people specialise in grand, formal occasions with big budgets while others are skilled at working on a smaller scale. Make sure that their style fits your money situation. If the wedding planner is too expensive for your budget and you really like them, consider negotiating for their services on a part-time basis, or just for helping out on the day.

  1. Talk about Experience

Ask questions about the experience of the wedding planner in terms of how many weddings they have organised, how many have been at the various wedding venues Oxfordshire offers and how many have been elsewhere, and how many weddings they will be working on at the same time as yours. Ask to see a portfolio, website with experience, or testimonials from other clients.

  1. Discuss Vision

At the heart of the process of finding a wedding planner is finding someone who suits your style, who you can work easily with, and who will make the process simpler and more fun. When interviewing a wedding planner think about how well you interact with each other. Someone with lots of experience but who drives you crazy is probably not the one for you. Pick someone you gel with, who can inspire you as well as get everything organised.

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