Our Story

In 2008, we were very unhappy with the styles they saw on the streets, at university and everywhere. But asking some “fashion mistakes” it came out, that most of the people are helpless concerning style and fashion and most of them don’t have friends with style. So we had to do something to help. And thats our mission – to show interested people, what is more out there and how does it look like on other people ;o) .

We started back then and published only one story a week. And today, years later, we’ve grown to over a couple of hundred blog posts, which is a couple of average fashion magazine on the news stand. And, which blogs do people read?
It’s more or less everything. We have fashion stories from the runway, and very often it’s about trends and beauty “How-to” story, where you can “pimp up” small things easily – and all this with our special ohindustry! wink.

We have global stories and local ones, we also feature interesting ideas from all over the the world. And combined all this, our goal is to make ohindustry! your main stop-over for styling and fashion, combined with intelligent entertainment .