James Bond turned down a $100 million offer

daniel craig refuses bond

By James Bond, we mean Daniel Craig, of course, the man offering the super slick famous spy a face and a reputation for the last four films of the franchise. According to recent reports, actor Daniel Craig turned down a $100 million offer to star as 007 in two future films. His recent reaction comes […]

How to Choose an Oxfordshire Wedding Planner

wedding picture

If you want your wedding planning to be less stressful and more organised, it makes sense to hire a professional. More and more people are looking for the skills of specialist wedding planners to help them create the perfect wedding. If you live in Oxfordshire, or you are planning a wedding to take place in […]

Overview of Brian Johnson Life


Born in 5 October 1947, Brian Johnson has established himself as a leading songwriter and singer for the renowned Australian rock band AC/DC. Over the years, he has entertained millions of music lovers from all across the globe and performed in hundreds, if not thousands, of concerts in almost every part of the world. Career […]

TV and Films Top 5 Detectives

Shelock Holmes

When it comes to crime dramas, we really dig detectives. For hundreds of years, we’ve been told stories  of heroic law enforcement officials and the professionals they contract to help them. They’ve appeared  in books, movies, and television shows throughout the ages. Just about everyone out there has a special  place in their hearts for […]

Keegan with Franco for the “The Sound of Fury”


Some of the hottest and brightest stars in Hollywood are getting together to produce an adaptation of William Faulkners The Sound of Fury. James Franco has his hands full, leading the project as director of his second major motion picture and with an adaptation screenplay in the works. Franco recently brought on Pretty Little Liars […]

Should Beyoncé go to Kim and Kanye’s Wedding?


Some people use petitions to prevent crimes against humanity such as global warming and child abuse.  Others use them to try to prevent Beyoncé from attending Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding ceremony. According to a report in the Huffington Post, a Change.org petition surfaced online titled ‘Beyoncé Cannot Attend Kim Kardashian’s Wedding’, and it […]

Creating memories; the outdoors with the family


4X4 cars are great for large families to get out and about in As people get busier and time gets shorter it’s family time together that suffers. Parents work long hours and have other commitments and children may spend hours in activities as well as at school. Spending some time together though and creating memories […]

10 Celebrities Empowering Teens


Social media outlets make it easy for us to focus on how celebrities negatively influence their young fans. However, many famous entertainers choose to embrace charity and spread positive messages. Here are just 10 celebs using their influence to inspire and empower teens for the better. Ashton Kutcher At the Teen Choice Awards in 2013, […]

The Part, The Nude, The Actress, Her Oscar


The road to the Oscars is a hard one, with ups and downs and bumps in the road. Until reaching that point of their careers, when they actually have to give an acceptance speech, actors and actresses have a lot of work to do to prove their worth. And many actresses fear that a nudity […]

What Makes Them Beautiful: A Peak at the Boys of One Direction


Think you know everything there is to know about One Direction? Think again. These little-known facts will help you get to know this incredible band way better than you ever thought you could.   Harry 1. According to Harry, the best song ever written is “Free Falling” by John Mayer. 2. Harry is the youngest […]