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Five Ways to Groom Your Beard Like a Boss

In recent years, there has been an increasing trend for men to carefully and patiently grow their facial hair, as owning a beard is all the rage these days. But unless you want to look like a caveman, lumberjack or even a yeti, a little bit of personal grooming is required.

Before you struggle with scissors and a comb or make the mistake of attempting to trim your beard with a conventional razor, think about using electric shavers instead. These devices enable you to expertly shape and sculpt your sideburns, moustache or goatee without having to worry about losing any manliness.

With so many different types of men’s electric shavers available, you can’t always know which one is best for you. Here are five options that will enable you to groom your beard like a boss.


Wet & dry

These versatile, waterproof shavers allow you to maintain your beard during a morning shower or before going to bed at night. Braun shavers, such as the Braun Series 3 340s-4 Rechargeable Wet & Dry Foil Electric Shaver, are particularly good at delivering a close, comfortable shave. The 340s-4 features a middle trimmer to lift and slice flat-lying hair while flexible cutting elements adapt to the skin’s contours.


Ideal if you want to keep the majority of your facial hair intact, a trimmer is the shaver of choice for proud beard wearers. One fine tool for the job is the Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer. Advanced ceramic-coated blades, which are self-sharpening, can be adjusted to 9 pre-set lengths from 1.5 to 18mm. A pop-up trimmer also allows for more detailed shaving.

Shave & trim combo

If you like to change the style of your beard quite often, then you’re probably best off buying a shaver that can deliver both a smooth finish and a tidy trim. The Philips Click and Style YS521 shaver and groomer enables you to choose between 2 click-on/off attachments for the perfect look. The dual rotary razor is designed for an easy, clean and safe shave, which means it can be used for complete body grooming too.

Travel shaver

Just because you’re away on business or enjoying a weekend city break doesn’t mean to say you can stop giving your beard the attention it deserves. Thankfully, travel shavers enable you to maintain your facial hair wherever you may be. For example, the lightweight and compact Remington R95 Shaver Travel is a great solution for men on the move. Dual track precision-engineered steel blades deliver fast results and excellent cutting performance.


Rotary shaver

Last but by no means least, a rotary shaver is your no-nonsense option when the beard simply has to go. The Philips PT721/16, which is part of the company’s 3000 shaver series, features ComfortCut blades for a smooth and close finish, which also automatically adjusts to the curves of your face and neck. And just three minutes of charging is enough for one shave.


So if you want to keep your designer stubble or hang on to some long and luscious growth, a trimmer or combo is recommended. But if you need to be clean-shaven during the week or on a business trip, opt for a wet & dry, rotary or travel shaver.

Images by mootownCourtbean and istolethetv, used under Creative Commons license