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5 Fun and Practical Gift Ideas for International Women’s Day

gift ideas international womens day
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The International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March in many countries around the world. At the beginning of a new spring season, this day is perfect to tell the women in your life how much you love and appreciate them. It is also a great opportunity to offer them fun and practical gifts to put a smile on their faces and make them feel truly special.

1. The Inspirational Coffee Mug

One of the most popular women’s dedicated coffee mugs is the “She believed she could. So she did”, but you can personalize a coffee mug with any message, quote or words of wisdom you think she will appreciate the most. There’s nothing like an everyday reminder for any lady that she is truly smart, feminine, powerful and awesome. And if she loves her morning java, your job here is done.

2. Interchangeable Bands Wrist Watch

Giving a watch to your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or best friend as a present is rather common. How about a silver tone watch with seven interchangeable colored bands? She will never need to get a different watch for a different outfit, just change a colorful band to another from the same set and look fashionable and stylish in all occasions. From pearly white to sweet pink and gorgeous purple, the bands are really easy to interchange, giving your lady vast opportunities to accessorize in any fashion she desires.

3. Foodie Dice

If you have a true chef in the family or a cooking aficionado, don’t get them a fancy cookbook this year, but a bag with wooden dice displaying tens of cooking ideas and combinations. Turn her daily cooking into a game for two, roll the dice and have some fun finding food combinations to please you both. This gift works miracles for those ladies always trying to find something new to cook and for those who seem to have run out of cooking ideas.

4. Hi-tech sleep mask

If you have a girlfriend or a family member complaining about sleep problems, this will do the trick. Look for some pretty amazing sleep masks with incorporated tech. They will not just block light, but emit light as well – a photo luminous soft blue glow which is said to alleviate stress and anxiety before bedtime. Not to mention they are really pretty and comfortable.

5. Rope Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace will never go out of fashion, not today and not 100 years from now. The awesomeness of a rope pearl necklace goes beyond its natural beauty or its high level of craftsmanship – such necklace can be worn and styles in more than ten different ways. Just like the watch described above, it gives a lady tons of opportunities to accessorize herself in different ways with only one product.

What do you plan to buy for those special ladies in your life?

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