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How to take a Bandage Dress from Day to Night

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With bandage dresses back in season, youll definitely want to get as much use as possible out of this sexy style. Form fitting and very flattering on a woman with curves, many turn to this style for a night out on the town when they want a glamorous look. Not many women however have learned how to hone this style during the day. While the bandage dress can be perfect for a night of dancing, sipping cocktails, or attending the latest shows in town, with the right accessories you can also sport a bandage dress during the day for a more traditional daytime look. With these few simple tips, you can take your bandage dress from day night in a snap.


1) The right shoes
Hopefully this isnt news to you, but a pair of shoes can truly make or break your look. If your bandage dress is a little shorter, try pairing it with flats during the day to lessen the appearance of skin youre showing off. A high heeled shoe gives the illusion of longer legs, and thus showing more skin. When its time to leave the office, ditch the flats and throw on a pair of your favorite heels. If youll be walking a decent amount, say bar hopping or dancing, try going with a wedge instead of a stiletto- your feet will thank you for the extra support.

2) Hairstyles
Another way to turn the glam look into a more conservative feel is to throw your hair up in a loose bun. Pulling your hair back keeps focus on your face and can help establish a more casual tone. The bonus of a loose bun is, if done right, you can easily take it out at night and with a few simple touch ups youll have luxurious waves ready for the night out.

3) Blazers
A blazer is the quickest way to take almost any look and turn it professional. This is another quick change after work- in just seconds your look can go from professionally concealed to unmasked and showing off your body.  If you dont already own a blazer, a simple cardigan can have the same effect. If your dress exposes too much cleavage for a work environment, button up your sweater and youre bandage dress will look like a high-waisted skirt.

4) Jewelry
If you dont have time to stop at home before you take your bandage dress from day to night, bring a few pieces of statement jewelry to stash in your purse until evening. Chunky necklaces and rings are on trend this season and can instantly spice up your look after leaving the office.

5) Makeup
Last but most certainly not least, is the huge difference makeup can do for your look. Obviously during the day, you dont want to pile on the greys and try to pull off a smokey eye. You can however, use subtle hints of greys that you can add onto later to make darker for the night. No need to redo all of your makeup, just add a few extra touches to make your look more night appropriate. This could also include more eyeliner, a darker lip color, or some bronzer to make your cheekbones stand out better in dark lighting.

With just one or all of these simple 5 steps, you can wear your bandage dresses from morning till night, staying in vogue the entire time.