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Why More Vacationers are Choosing Rentals Over Hotels

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Your annual vacation is supposed to be a time where you get to kick back, de-stress and live it up in a wonderful and relaxing environment.    It turns out, that a university study found the quality of your vacation is a big determining factor in whether it is effective.   The study concluded that the most rewarding vacations give you the choice and freedom to do what you want to do.    

accorhotelThats why choosing vacation rentals over hotels has become a growing trend.   Most people probably dont take the time to do research on “effective vacationing” while prepping for a trip.   However, vacationers are realizing cramped hotel rooms with odd carpet arent the best mental appetizer for winding down from the stresses of everyday life.  After being cooped up in a hotel room, you realize the space doesnt envelope your senses. As the study found, feeling the pressure to go, go, go, when you simply want to relax, relax, relax, is a formula for getting back home only to realize you need a vacation from your vacation.

Smart travelers are finding that a vacation rental is the best way to lodge on your getaway because:

  • You feel like youre in your own exotic home
  • upgraded services
  • Flexibility of more than one room

You feel like youre in your own exotic home

In addition to relaxing on a vacation, you also want to feel inspired. Thats why we often choose far away or exotic locations.   We want to take in places and things we wont be able to experience by walking out of our front door.   Living in a vacation rental heightens this truly inspiring experience.   Imagine taking in the beach from your private entrance to the warm sands and beautiful water.   This is perfect for either families or lovers and typically, only available with a vacation rental.   By contrast, a hotel experience means walking down the strip and finding a space to lounge among the throngs of other guests.


You get upgraded services

When you go on vacation, you are prepared to spend for a nice place to lodge.   Most of the time you get one room and the same standard services no matter which hotel brand you choose.   What happy and savvy travelers have found is that a vacation rental offers both a unique experience and an upgraded level of services.   This all adds up to a much bigger bang for your buck.   For example, while at a hotel, you would pay extra for parking and Wi-Fi.      At a vacation rental the basic service standard is gloriously upgraded and the perks mentioned above are already included.


You have the flexibility of more than one room

We love our vacations but sometimes we cant shut out reality completely.   A vacation rental is the perfect space to feel relaxed and disconnected from the office while still being able to manage work.   The hotel desk serves as a visual queue for the work that needs to be done.     There is something comforting about having a designated, out of sight, and therefore out of mind, space to work.   Then a nice space to relax, lounge and play.   Vacation rentals afford you this opportunity and flexibility with multiple rooms that you can set up for whatever purpose you choose while there.   In this way, vacation rentals offer real disconnection at your discretion and a peace of mind that cannot be provided by a hotel.