When selling a Rolex watch is a better alternative than keeping it


imagesThere will always be a demand for Rolex watches. When we think about fashion, we automatically think about a nice watch. Rolex watches are famous and wiodely associated with fashion. Endorsed by celebrities, sports stars and fashion symbols, Rolex watches are seen as a luxury and classy accessory not everyone can afford. Worn and sponsored throughout movies the Rolex watch is constantly being show cased as a famous fashion accessory. Rolex watches continue to hold their value very well and in some cases which rise in value. More people are cashing in on their Rolex watches as new owners wait to buy a pre-owned Rolex watch rather than paying full price.

As Rolexs popularity is at an all-time high, many people want to own one of its models. Rolex has made many watches throughout its history which dates back to 1905. As well as the Explorer and Datejust, the Submariner and Milgauss are popular Rolex models. There are many situations in which a Rolex watch can be sold, such as when money is needed:

A Rolex watch can be sold for a lot of money

Rolexes can be bought in any quality. When there are no scratches on its bracelet or casing, it can sell for thousands of pounds. It can be worth even more when an official box and Certificate of Authenticity is supplied. A Rolex watch that is severely damaged can still be sold for a handsome sum because of its parts. The money that its former owner receives can repay a loan or be used for buying birthday presents. If a rare Rolex watch is sold, enough money for a house deposit can be obtained.

As Rolexes are often passed down from parents to their children, a model can be sold immediately after they have died. When a Rolex watch is bequeathed in a Will, it might be a painful reminder of a loved one. In this instance, it can be sold for the highest price. If a Rolex watch has been kept in its original box and has hardly been worn, it can be worth more than predicted.

If a property has been broken into

Although a Rolex watch can be stored in a safe, it isnt entirely secure. This is because a safe could be prised open and a Rolex watch stolen. When a property is in a neighbourhood that has a high crime rate, it can be sold. Even if it is heavily insured, the decision to sell a Rolex watch can help a policy holder. As they havent made a claim, their insurance premium wont be as high. When an insurance policy is renewed years later, it will probably have stayed the same.

When it appears in a popular movie

If a Rolex watch is worn by a character in a movie that makes hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office, it could be promoted extensively by the luxury watch manufacturer. In this instance, the adverts that have been created can help to sell a Rolex watch. Consequently, there can be considerable interest in a Rolex watch because it has featured extensively in the media.

If it is heavily damaged

When a Rolex watch is damaged, it is usually very expensive to have it repaired. Even when a Rolex watch has been repaired, its value might only increase slightly. In order to avoid any additional expense, a Rolex watch can be sold for its parts. In fact, its current owner could be paid a lot of money when their Rolex watch contains many parts that arent damaged.