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What’s New in Statement Necklaces this Season?

winter season statement necklaces
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We have talked about jewelry with other previous occasions, but it seems we have forgotten to take a closer look into one of the most appraised fashionable pieces of jewelry: the statement necklace. From the Red Carpet to the corporate Christmas party this year, Statement necklaces are everywhere, coming in new styles, designs and materials and going great together with the overall jewelry fashion trends of the year. If you are thinking about statement necklaces as perfect holiday gifts (for yourself or somebody else), let’s see what’s new in this field.

1. Egyptian Coin-Style Necklaces in Yellow Gold

Yellow gold made a powerful comeback in 2015, as its price went down just a little to become comfortable and wearable. The trend started some time back in 2014 when the Oscar Awards and the Golden Globes shone brightly with yellow gold statement necklaces. This season you might try some exquisite and luxurious Egyptian-inspired coin-style statement necklaces in yellow gold and other precious metals’ combinations. While yellow gold statement necklaces are not usually associated with streetwear, you can see Egyptian coin-style necklaces in good metals flashing here and there. Even Cleopatra would be jealous on those ladies choosing this style of necklace in combination with a spectacular designer Oscar Awards dress.

2. Layer Statement Necklaces

Layered jewelry had quite an impact earlier this spring, so the cold season trends couldn’t overlook some of the most beautifully designed statement necklaces. Layered chunky chain statement necklaces with rows and rows of semi-precious stones, crystals and beads make opulent, luxurious and eye-catching accessories. The stones are multi-colored for a full breathtaking affect while the metal chain insertions tone down the bling for a balanced, elegant effect. They go great with evening dresses and classy outfits, so don’t be surprised to see them on the Red Carpet soon enough.

3. 1960-1970 Inspiration Necklaces

The above mentioned decades were indeed bohemian and full of innovative ideas and designs. There’s no wonder, thus, why major jewelry designers (as well as fashion designers) chose this particular era for inspiration. When it comes to statement necklaces, this season’s trends include the use of feathers, beads, stones, owls, all sorts of fringes, stylized geometrical shapes like squares and circles. It’s all madness, but it’s colorful, beautiful and truly powerful, especially if you match the necklaces with the right types of clothes and outfits. These necklaces go better with casual and street fashion than the Cannes opening reception, but you shouldn’t be surprised to see them worn at more formal events. They are versatile and make a good pair with young, daring and creative women.

What’s your favorite type of statement necklace? When and how do you wear them?

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