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What We Learned From Fashion Icons In 2013

Fashion is an ever-changing phenomenon that makes us look on with awe.   Just as you think youve got it, something changes.   It can get tiring chasing trends.   In fact, it can get downright frustrating.   Thats why fashion icons have great insight when it comes to owning their own personal style. They change with the season but they do it in a subtle way that may even incorporate past styles.   Here are some tips that we all learn from the fashion icons we admire.

The Classics

Every fashionista knows the importance of those staple pieces that complete your wardrobe.   Having classic pieces enables you to have that polished wardrobe that can also be mixed with more casual pieces.   Think of Brad Pitt.   His wardrobe looks flawless because he always starts with a staple canvas.

Some staple pieces are: a blazer, a nice fitting pair of jeans, a crisp white shirt, a lightweight cardigan, a light jacket, winter coat, the single breasted jacket and, a few scarves.   Once you have the canvas, you can start incorporating your wardrobe with accessories.   For example, GQ previews the “best winter coats“ that show volume and texture. These coats are always going to rise above trends. Thats what you want when youre looking for staple pieces.



Its okay for both men and women to have color in the garments they love. Color is classy and brightens up your outfit.   There was a splash of color at London Fashion Week.   Colors add accents to any outfit.   You dont need to have the entire outfit in color. You can choose to carry wear a bright scarf on top of a darker look.   Olivia Palmero glowed in an orange blazer worn over mixed prints. In Style noticed her at Paris Fashion week saying: “Olivia Palermo sure knows how to grab attention. She shrugged on a bold orange blazer over her mixed-print ensemble at the Christian Dior spring/summer 2014. We couldnt agree more. Dont be fearful of color. Color is a timeless look when worn right.



Patterns are life. We live in a colorful world so why cant our wardrobe be colorful as well.   The great thing about patterns is that they can elongate your figure and add a three-dimensional look to your outfit.   Its never a dull moment when you find a great pattern that complements your body. Top Shop premiered their patterns and we learn that “Head of design Emma Farrow was inspired by the wild heady days and endless freedom of summer”.   Top Shop has been known to anticipate what women want before they even want it.   Kate Moss and Anna Wintor sat front row observing the vibrant patterns that ranged from floral to more line-inspired patterns.   If London Fashion week is showing Top Shops upcoming fashion, its going to be one hot spring full of pattern.


Have you seen a person walking around looking like a Christmas tree? Its just not a good look to have.   The idea of accessories is to add onto your outfit and personalize your style. Think of it as a signature look.   For example, looking at the Veronica Scarf on eldzo.co.uk, you get a leopard print accessory that looks great paired with darker jeans or a bright shirt.

Accessories are not supposed to overwhelm the pieces you are wearing. Accessories should be inviting and subtle in nature.   Think of accessories in terms of timeless pieces.   Carolina Herrera advises women to find their personal style by ignoring trends and choosing classic, timeless pieces.


There you have it. Men can take a deep walk into the pastures of finely dressed inspirations. Think Johnny Depp in The Tourist. Ladies can look at the designers who create the garments that grace the fashion world. The rest is all about adding personal touches to what fashion icons teach us.