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What To Wear When Visiting A Top Casino

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It is never easy to know what to wear for a night out but feeling confident with your wardrobe decisions when heading to a casino is even harder. The best thing that you can do is get in touch with the casino before your visit to ask about their dress code and this will be different for every casino. As a general rule of thumb, most of the world’s most exclusive casinos will have a dress code in place but even these can be quite relaxed and may only be a “smart casual” code.

However, some of the top casinos in Europe or the US do employ a “smart” dress code and women will need to wear a nice dress while men will have to put on their favourite suit and tie. You can often look online to see the casinos dress codes and if you are unsure, then the best thing to do is dress smartly so that you don’t have to worry about being turned away.

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General Tips

Most of the world’s most luxurious casinos will ask you to dress respectfully and avoid wearing overly short shorts or sleeveless shirts. Sunglasses are a big no-no, as are flip flops and Crocs, and it is always a good idea to accessorise well by getting your hair and makeup done and taking a nice handbag to jazz up a simple outfit.

Here is a summary of the top tips for what to wear to a casino:

  • Steer clear of sportswear

  • Don’t wear a hat or sunglasses

  • Men will always be welcome when wearing a suit

  • Swap your flip flops, trainers or Crocs for closed toe shoes

  • A nice dress or skirt is always a good choice for a woman

You can often wear a nice pair of jeans if the dress code is “smart casual”, as long as they are not ripped or torn. You should also always avoid wearing work clothes to a casino along with anything offensive and if you are unsure, then simply change first to avoid any problems.

Resorts vs. Stand-alone Casinos

A stand-alone casino is more likely to employ a strict smart dress code compared to a casino that is found in a resort where there is a swimming pool for people to hang out at. If you are visiting an exclusive casino that isn’t part of a resort, then you will probably have to abide by a strict smart dress code and even if you want to play a few games at a resort casino; you will need to change out of your swimwear before heading to the tables out of respect for other players and the house.

Always contact the casino before you decide what to wear as the dress code will differ depending on the house rules and this will help you to make a decision between your evening dress, high heels and designer clutch or your favourite jeans and blouse combo with a nice handbag.