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What to Keep from Festival Fashion (into Fall Wear)

silver i love you to the moon and back necklace
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Summer will soon end, and the festival clothes we all love so much will have to go as well. As soon as the vacation ends, we’ll all need to get back to school or to the offices we work in and put on more ‘serious’ clothes. Also, soon thereafter, the weather as well won’t allow us to wear the same flippy hippy outfits as we do during festival times. But there just may be a way to keep some of our favorite items well into the fall, to remind us of the warmer times and the pleasant memories of the current summer. This is our list of festival fashion items to keep, and a few suggestions of how to wear them in the fall:

1. The free-spirit necklace

silver i love you to the moon and back necklace

Nothing screams of summer a free-spirit approach to everything just as much as a long-line necklace with Wicca-inspired symbols, or even a shorter one with equally provocative and care-free pendants. They pop up at festivals everywhere and brighten up the atmosphere simply be being in plain sight. Just look how lovely this silver moon ‘I love you’ necklace is! The good news is that you can wear them in autumn as well, with a light sweater (maybe even a flirty one with loose stiches) and an open blazer (preferably in a stronger color than the sweater).

2. The festival rain mac

festival rain mac

The rain mac is a very useful thing to carry in your bag at a festival, because you never know when a sudden summer shower rain will come down. But rains occur in autumn too, perhaps even more often, so the festival mac is the next thing you should definitely keep. It’s much funkier than your plain autumn rain hoodie and will bring a touch of summery feelings to even the gloomiest of days.

3. The long scarf with paisley print

Scarves are usually used in summer either purely decorative, or to cover yourself up in chilly moments in the evening (especially if the weather at the festival is changing often). But those scarves that scream of freedom and are mostly associated with hippy fashion can definitely be worn in the autumn as well, to bring a touch of je-ne-sais-quoi to your regular office outfits.

4. The festival boots

The same thing goes for boots. Festival attendees often wear ankle boots or short boots in full summer, only to make their outfit more rebellious or ethic-like. But the main time for boots is obviously autumn, so your festival boots will feel right as rain (although it will hopefully not rain that often).

5. The hair accessories with flowers

Last, but not least, a big flower hair clip can bring a touch of femininity and bohemian spirit to a plain autumn outfit. Just to remind you of friendlier festival days.