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What Colors You Should Wear This Season

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With so many shades and tones available, how do we know which colors we should wear during fall 2015? With a bit of advice from the Pantone Institute and a girly touch, we are proud to present what colors you should wear this season.


Before we even begin to think about other colors, we have to stop at the lovely, lush and luxurious Marsala. Crowned the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala truly is the most stylish shade to sport this autumn. Think about it like this: take the deep rusty color of fallen leaves and adjust it with a bit of rose power. The result is stunning and we definitely support wearing Marsala throughout the entire season.

Minion Yellow

Nobody ever said that chillier seasons had to be bleak, as well. Minion Yellow will help brighten your day even if the weather outside becomes frightful. Named after the beloved cartoon characters that took over our hearts in the Despicable Me saga, Minion Yellow is a fresh and crisp color solution for bringing back smiles (both for you and the ones around).

Biscay Bay

In the Pantone Fall 2015 Color Report, one of the most vivid colors in their palette is a deep and rich shade of turquoise the team calls “Biscay Bay”. It is the “wearable” alternative of electric blue and it contrasts beautifully with the reddening elements of nature around you. In addition to this, Biscay Bay is great for balancing out the other shades of your outfit, if you are planning to adorn mostly warm colors.


When it comes to girls and their relationship with pink, seasons don’t seem to matter anymore at all. While Magenta is not on the official Color Report for this season, we truly believe that it can bring your outfit to life like no other. Be careful with your use of Magenta and opt for some accessories, like these splendid Kendra Scott Magenta and Gold earrings, instead of main fashion pieces. This way you can accentuate the other colors in your outfit without appearing too flashy.

Cadmium Orange

If you still want a feminine tone in your outfit but you don’t want to go all out Magenta, you can easily opt for Cadmium Orange. This delicate and chic shade of peach will look amazing with other darker colors, like a vibrant reflection of a rosy skin tone. It inspires youth while still remaining a sign of sophistication. You can wear Cadmium Orange either on outer layers (such as a trench coat) or under layers (like a blouse or a sweater) and weigh out its intensity with darker and more neutral shades.

Stormy Weather

It might sound strange, but a “Stormy” color can calm the appearance of your outfit. Like we said before, bolder colors need to be neutralized with calmer tones, and Stormy Weather is certainly one of the best options. It is on the fine line between navy and grey, like blueish steel, and it works well with any of the brighter colors on our list.

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