Wedding Etiquette as a Guest

wedding etiquette

Attending a wedding as a guest is certainly an honor. You hold an important place in the happy couple’s hearts, and they want you to be a part of their big day.

Ensure that you enhance their special experience and avoid embarrassment by following these standard rules of wedding etiquette.

Before the Wedding

As a guest, you do not have to spend hours looking for any tungsten wedding bands or a picture perfect veil. You do have to spend a little time planning for the occasion, however.

The first step in planning ahead is simple: RSVP to the event by the deadline. It is often difficult for brides-to-be to add to the guest list after confirming numbers with caterers and event halls. You do not want to be the guest who makes her go through extra hassle before the big day.

If the invitation specifies that it is for you and a “plus one,” decide who you are bringing to the wedding and invite that person early so that he or she has time to plan, too. This is simple, of course, if you are married or in a serious relationship.

If you are single, decide early if you want to bring a date, and then stick to that decision. The couple still has to pay for that empty seat if you RSVP for two and show up alone. Of course, if your invitation does not say “plus one,” the couple intends for you to come alone. Respect this decision; it is often one made for financial reasons.

Choosing Attire

Unless the couple has specified otherwise, weddings call for formal attire. If you are a man, a suit and tie is appropriate, there’s no need to go shopping for things like mens tungsten wedding bands or new dress shoes. Make sure that your shoes match and that your hair is neatly groomed.

If you are a woman, choose a dress that is stylish, but somewhat conservative. Stay away from dresses that are overly form-fitting and short. Remember not to wear white; the bride is the only one allowed to wear white to the wedding.

Buying a Wedding Gift

Luckily, you are not responsible for deciding between a specific Tungsten ring for the groom or the perfect wedding gown for the bride. You are just a guest. Most wedding couples put items on gift registries at several stores. These are the things that they need for their new life together. It is considered poor etiquette to purchase items that are not on this registry.

If the cost of specialty china and kitchen appliances intimidates you, don’t worry. Most couples put items in multiple price ranges on their registries, and you can choose an item that fits your budget. So don’t worry about forking over cash that’s equivalent to an assortment of mens tungsten wedding bands or high class jewelry. If you cannot find an item that seems fitting, it is also appropriate to give cash.

Attending the Event

Start the evening off right and arrive at least 20 minutes before the wedding starts. Remember to turn off your cell phone when you arrive, and allow the ushers to seat you.

Throughout the wedding and the reception, stay out of the way of the photographer. He is there to photograph the bride and groom sharing their first kiss and showing off her new diamond ring or his mens tungsten wedding bands; when he wants to take pictures of the guests that will be obvious.

Avoid gossiping about the bride and groom, and resist the temptation to discuss their choices with the other guests. If you do not like the venue or dinner options that they have chosen, keep that thought to yourself.

Above all, be kind and courteous to the couple and to their family members. Do not be afraid to have a good time on the dance floor. Enjoy the bar, but monitor your alcohol consumption. This is an occasion to celebrate, but etiquette specifies that you do so in style.