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Wedding Dress Shopping: 5 Popular Fabric Options for Brides

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Choosing a wedding dress is a very personal decision that takes time and effort. You have specific preferences such as a dress style that will flatter your body shape, or a love of jewels and crystals bedazzling your dress. You may also consider the cut and alterations, size, color and so much more. With all of these factors in mind, brides often forget the importance of the dress fabric. No matter your personal style or needs, finding the right material can make a dress and complete your look for an unforgettable gown and an unforgettable wedding. Here are 5 popular fabric options for brides to consider while they are wedding dress shopping.

  1. One of the best fabric options is silk. Often silk is one of the most popular and sought after fabrics for weddings dresses. The material is smooth and soft on the skin so you won’t feel itchy or irritated at all through the ceremony or reception. In addition it is lightweight a breathable so you can feel cool instead of stifled into the gown. While it is more popular, silk is also most expensive, so you may have to bump up your wedding gown budget for this fabric material.
  2. Another highly desired fabric is lace. Lace provides a classic and elegant look to any dress and it is available in a wide variety of styles and patterns to fit your preference. Lace is affordable since it is made of cotton and it is also breathable. Just be careful not to snag the lace on anything sharp such as jewelry since it will snag!
  3. Tulle ┬áis another great fabrics that is light and airy. Tulle is often used to give dress lots of volume for a dress that is sure to “wow” your guests! The volume often gives a ball gown, princess look that will look absolutely stunning. It often comes in a variety of materials such as satin or nylon, which will impact the pricing.
  4. Chiffon is an extremely delicate, gorgeous material used for many wedding dresses. It is light since it is made of natural silk fibers, so it will be comfortable to wear in any climate temperature, whether your wedding day is taking place in the cool springtime or during the humid heat of summer.
  5. Finally, velvet is a great, elegant option for winter wedding dresses. This unique material is soft to the touch and also warm so that you will feel well dressed and comfortable during your wedding ceremony. Velvet adds an element of pure sophistication for a one of a kind dress style you will adore.

Deciding upon the right wedding dress means you need to evaluate all sorts of factors such as the dress shape, style, details and the fabric. Fabric is often one of the most important elements since it determines price and comfort. Whether you choose silk, chiffon, tulle, velvet, or lace, you will be satisfied with your dress materials. Be sure to choose a dress fabric that both looks and feels fantastic so that you can enjoy the wedding gown you have always dreamed of.

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