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Virgin Hair – An Overview

Virgin hair
is basically hair that has never undergone treatment of any kind. Here when we talk about treatment, we usually refer to hair that has never been colored, treated with chemical for bleaching. In other words, the individual that donated the so called virgin hair should have never visited a hair salon to undergo any kind of treatment for the hair. Such hair is perhaps difficult to find and for this reason, it is said that virgin hair is really hard to find and if found, you might have to spend a fortune for the same. So, there are times when even the vendors selling hair extensions claiming them to be made of authentic human hair are not sure of their own stuff. However, there is nothing to get disappointed.

Virgin hair - an overviewWe have seen celebrities from all around the world use hair extensions that are very expensive. If you think that buying such expensive stuff is not within your budget as of now, you can at least hear the celebrity stylist when they speak about hair extensions and styles.

Characteristic features of virgin hair

Generally speaking, there are few features that can help you in distinguishing virgin hair from other types of hair that make up different styles and types of hair extension. You can go through these points and find out if you can assess the quality and type of hair when you visit a store or shop online for these virgin hair extensions. So, read through.

It is a well known fact that when we talk about hair extensions, we refer to extensions that can be made of different material that include animal hair, synthetic hair, mixture of animal and synthetic hair and of course human hair, which is perhaps the most sought after and not to mention, which is also very expensive. When you are trying to identify virgin hair, make sure the hair you are checking meets the following criteria. They are as follows –

  • This kind of hair should essentially be hundred percent human hair.
  • Should have never been treated with any type of chemicals. In other words, the hair should be devoid of treatments like coloring, streaking, and bleaching.
  • The hair should not have been cut off fully at intervals. In other words, this type of hair should have been snapped in one go.
  • Cuticle layers should be in place and intact without fringes here and there and should be flowing in the same direction and not be tangled.
  • Last but not the least; the hair should essentially have the natural look or appearance. It should not look artificial or give the impression that you are using synthetic hair extensions at any point of time.

Buying virgin hair the right way

Buying the right stuff of this kind of hair can be a daunting and challenging task. You have to trust your own eyes to know that you have got the deal right. Also, if you have been using this kind of hair, your experience will definitely count. You can try out online stores like http://www.okayhair.com/that has been around for a long time now and also they have earned positive reviews from the feedback users have come across or posted on the virtual world.