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How to unleash your wild side

Leopard lingerie
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Lost the “spark” and dont know what to do? Perhaps its time to change the t-shirt/shorts combo when going to bed for something a little more risque, and no not your Leopardnormal black lingerie that may be sexy, but is oh-so-common and quite frankly “playing it safe”. Take a step out of your comfort zone and surprise your man with adding a little spice to the bedroom with something he wont expect. Perhaps leopard print for a change? Radical yet effective. Today you will find no shortage of various sexy animal print lingerie deals spread across the web in order for you to reignite the bedroom flame. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your journey to becoming a wilder you with slightly unconventional, popular lingerie:

Animal print

Regardless of age and size, animal print suits EVERYBODY! It adds a zest to the bedroom and it creates an atmosphere of an African safari and wilderness. It is wild, and men love that. It is increasing in popularity among women today and is risque, which will have a massive effect on your dear man friend. However, when buying your lingerie be sure it is comfortable – whether youre wearing it for short or long periods it should be comfortable to maximize sexiness. Animal print will constantly rock the fashion industry in terms of lingerie and is an easy way to add excitement to the bedroom.

Electrically illuminated lingerie

Chances are youre having a hard time coming to terms with this; however, this type of lingerie is regularly increasing in popularity among women. Imagine you have dimmed the lights and you walk into the bedroom and all your man can see is a dazzling neon lit bra- the reaction will be worth it. These will be sure to make an eye-popping statement wherever you wear them!


Is your lover a superhero fan? Then you are obliged to get your hands on a pair of glitzy superhero lingerie, in fact if you are into superheroes you should get a pair! It is a unique and naughty way to pay tribute to the American hero and will certainly add a diverse aspect to your wardrobe.

Leather lingerie

You may be thinking to yourself “how crazy is that?” That is exactly why you should own some form of leather lingerie, as it is an unusual material for lingerie to be made from. It will certainly make you feel good as well as make you look incredible and is becoming more and more popular in todays world. It clings to your curves and makes any asset pop! A definite  must in terms of unconventional, effective lingerie to have in your armory.

All of the above mentioned lingerie is becoming more popular each day among women and certainly keeps your partner guessing. Lingerie defines sexy and both you and your man friend should embrace shopping for it. Do not be afraid of the slightly risque, unconventional type of lingerie, after all you were born to be different.