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Two Unusual and Beautiful Themes For Small Outdoor Weddings

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outdoor weddingAlthough big, fat boisterous weddings will always be in vogue, trends are now also shifting to smaller more intimate dos that are more about the couple and their personalities, rather than about a large bunch of people attending. You will also find people incorporating more and more fun themes in their weddings and wedding related events like the cocktail parties, reception and the like.

Planning a dream wedding is more than just finding the perfect wedding dress or ordering online diamond jewellery; it is about creating the perfect ambiance and an atmosphere that truly reflects your personality as well as your vision for that perfect day. Small scale weddings need not be a compromise at all; in fact they could be the perfect avenue for gorgeous out of the box themes that may be easier to arrange for than with a much bigger event. Themes are the ideal way to let you and your partner’s tastes, personality and yes, even sense of humour shine on this very special day.

Stuck for ideas for a small themed wedding? Take a look at these two themes that have massive potential to let your creativity shine! –

Whimsical Romance ““ If there was ever a theme that allowed you to indulge in alluring fantasy and dream elements, this has to be it! Whimsy and romance can tie in beautifully and encompass a wide range of moods, elements and special touches that make your wedding look like something out of a magical story or a quirky fairytale. A whimsical romantic theme works best in outdoor spaces or venues with indoor and outdoor options and would be absolutely enchanting at night with a lovely starry sky. Think of fairy lights strung on trees, colourful paper lanterns, a bursting bloom of flowers and beautiful colours that are either soft and soothing or vibrant and lively. Flowing dresses with whimsical accessories like crystal brooches, diamond earrings and eye catching shoes tie in perfectly with the theme. You can eschew the expensive décor accents and even go in for gorgeous candles, paper flowers and butterflies and the like. It will be like walking in to a magical movie set!

Picturesque Picnic ““ Casual weddings are all the rage nowadays and nothing portrays a fun, casual and quirky story quite like an enjoyable picnic. Also ideal for an intimate outdoor wedding, a picturesque picnic themed do calls for beautiful sunshine and the birds and bees buzzing in and out of your event. When it comes to décor think of rustic furniture and table settings, colourful gingham table cloths and casual lamps and lighting if at night. You could even have floor seating with comfortable seating on the grass with colourful blankets and cushions in more luxurious fabrics. Add some visual interest with colourful glass bottles filled with fresh cut flowers and incorporate picnic-esque favours like gourmet cookies. This theme also works great if there are going to be a lot of kids at the wedding. Add to the fun with a plethora of easy to eat finger foods and twists on typically picnic beverages by arranging for signature cocktails based on lemonade and iced tea. You could even have a couple of games for the young ones and a fun photo booth with props and accessories that will give you the best and most fun wedding pictures!

Both these scenic themes are also ideal for those looking to plan a wedding on a budget. It is all about the small touches that are easy to plan for and won’t break the bank. From the dreamy and mythical to the lively and super casual, themes are a wedding trend that is here to stay!


Rayna Xavier is a wedding planner. She loves every part of the wedding planning process from purchasing online diamond jewellery to finding the perfect wedding favours. She loves seeing her clients beam happily on their wedding day and wouldn’t trade her profession for anything in the world.