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Travel in Style: 4 Must-Have Items for Gorgeous Vacations

must have items for stylish travelling
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Once upon a time, men and women travelled in high style, wearing tuxedos on planes and heels or evening gowns in the Orient Express. Nowadays, it seems that we traded elegance for comfort and practicality, but this doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t add a few items to our luggage to make our travels more interesting. Being well dressed is a sign of respect for the ones living in the culture you visit. Today we will take a look at four must-have items for women that enhance their appearance and make their vacation even more pleasurable.

1. The Timeless Denim Jacket

A denim jacket can be your most faithful travel companion no matter where you go. Wear it over a flower printed maxi dress in a summer evening if you are at the seaside. Match it with skinny jeans and strappy sandals for a night out during a city break. Mix it with a turtleneck sweater for colder days when visiting famous world capitals or hiking in a mountainous area. Denim jackets are versatile, friendly and comfortable and they will make you look forever trendy and fashionable.

2. The Little Black Dress

You may think you don’t need one, but you do. Wherever your journey takes you, you surely won’t spend a full vacation wearing boots and combat pants. City breaks usually come together with night outs, club hopping or events. A holiday on an exotic island also involves some entertainment and you have to wear something classy. A little black dress will take you anywhere, from restaurants to clubs and from the theatre to a romantic walk in the city.

3. The Multi-Purpose Black Backpack

Travel experts always recommend you pack light and never carry things you don’t need. Regardless of your destination, you can safely leave home the tote and the clutch. Replace them with a sturdy and stylish black faux leather flap backpack and keep your belongings safe while you visit cities and explore new places totally carefree. Get one in a medium size and wear it during your museum hopping day or at dinner with the friends you are travelling with. It goes great with everything you already packed and adds a sense of style and elegance to your sporty casual travelling outfit.

4. A Cool Hat

We are talking about a summer wide brim straw hat, a glamorous Panama hat or a sexy fedora to boost your looks and your feminine charm. A hat will definitely protect you from the summer heat, no matter where you go on vacation this season. But more than protection, it will offer you a dash of style and class and make you look like a fashion icon. You can pair it with the black dress or a sheer maxi one. It works great with jeans and a cardigan, not to mention it will turn you into a Golden Age Hollywood diva if you pair it with your oversized sunglasses.

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