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Top Tips for Creating a Timeless Wedding

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Your wedding day is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. If you plan a truly special day, your guests will remember it just as fondly. If you want your wedding day to stand the test of time, then weve got a few little hints and tips to help you along.

The Ceremony

The location of the ceremony is extremely important. Nowadays, many people are looking towards unconventional wedding locations and some people are even travelling abroad. Remember that your choice of location will impact on your guest list and you need to choose somewhere that is accessible for all.

The ceremony is the most important part of any wedding and you need a location that is as beautiful inside as it is outside. These locations, however, are snapped up quickly so youll need to plan well in advance if you want your perfect wedding.

The Dress

Your dress should always be the focal point of your wedding. Months of planning usually go into selecting (and fitting into) the correct dress. Although there are some wacky and unique styles available, these do not automatically make your day memorable. The one thing that will make it more memorable is a stunning bride. For this reason, you should plan your dress meticulously and opt for a timeless and classic dress that suits you.

As a side point, remember that your ring will also be the centre of attention and it is a constant reminder of the day for the rest of your life. Nothing says style and sophistication like diamonds. Triple diamond rings like the ones offered by Diamonds and Rings are incredibly popular and theyll stand the test of time, looking flawless for years to come.

The Reception

You should view your reception as an expansion of your wedding ceremony where you can invite guests who were unable to make it. The reception should never be done on the cheap and, if you hire a poor quality DJ, it could be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Make sure you continue your colour scheme through to the evening reception and embrace the party atmosphere to create an event that everyone can enjoy.


All of these little hints and tips should make your wedding truly memorable for all involved. More than anything else, you should have fun and relax on your wedding day. Be sure to plan well in advance, smile throughout and make sure that you thoroughly enjoy the best day of your life.