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Top Eyeshadow Colors for Green Eyes


Knowing how to flatter your complexion can make you stand out, feel confident, and hide any blemishes that might come up. Many women learn to apply makeup through trial and error ““ they might experiment with different shades of foundation, change their eyeliner, or try new eye shadow, for instance. If you know the right colors for your complexion, you can become creative with your combination of makeup products to create a new look every day! Here are some eye shadow colors to consider if you have green eyes.

Dark browns

For those with green eyes, a dark brown color can create a forest-like look. This goes particularly well if you’re using other autumn colors in your outfit. Some people have the right skin tone to pull off warm oranges, olive greens, and browns in other areas of their outfit. Rather than going with dark, smoky black (which can overwhelm your naturally pretty eye color), try dark browns instead. They will make you look mysterious but not overshadowed.

Light browns


No matter what time of year it is, you can get away with using light brown eye shadow if you have green eyes. The green will pick up on the brown and vice versa, especially if you have brown flecks in your eyes. Light brown isn’t as dramatic, which makes it more neutral and appropriate for work and daytime wear. These light shades of brown even work with brighter colors.

Light pink shades


Don’t overwhelm your eyes with bright red eye shadow that could make you look sick, but light pink shades will pop against your green eyes. You might feel shy about this shade at first since it’s an unusual eye shadow color compared to more conventional smoky palette colors, but don’t hide from pink. Even if you don’t have any other pink in your outfit, pink is a great highlight color to warm up your face.

Just about every purple


With green eyes, you’ll look great in just about any shade of purple. A light shade of purple will look festive in spring or summer, while darker plum shades are elegant and dramatic for evening wear or in the autumn and winter. Purples in general work very well with green eyes, so if your complexion allows it, try a similar purple shade for your top. Otherwise, you can always wear purple shoes or bring a purple bag with you.

If you don’t naturally have green eyes, you can visit NextDayLenses to look up colored contacts and choose the shade of green you want your eyes to be. This gives you an advantage over those with naturally green eyes. Of course, even if you have green eyes, you can buy contact lenses that will make your natural eye color more vivid.

Making your style pop is all about knowing which colors to focus on. If you have green eyes, you have lots of choice when it comes to color! Don’t be afraid to experiment with all of these colors and colors that are similar ““ for instance, step a little to each side on the color wheel to look at purple-blues or purple-red shades.

Sarah Cole is a cosmetologist. She loves writing about her favorite eye makeup tips on style blogs.