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Top Bag Trends for the Winter Season

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With the winter season quickly approaching, there are a number of different styles that are beginning to emerge for fashion-forward looks that embrace the colder season. More people are looking to stay cozy and warm without having to ditch the plaid patterns or fringe details that are most common in winter. For those looking to accessorize each outfit with a trendy bag that has recently been seen on the runway, there are a number of looks to embrace for a chic and sophisticated style that will complement heavy layers.

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Suede Fringe Half Moon Shoulder Bag

The bohemian style is one of the most current trends with fashion for the year and offers an eclectic and laid-back look. Fringe bags are all the rave for the winter season with a style that looks carefree and overly comfortable. This purse is easy to throw on your shoulder and offers plenty of details for a bag that stands out and doesn’t look too sleek. It’s the perfect bag to pair with a pair of rugged booties or a dark hat when heading out in the rain or snow.

Crazy Horse Leather Unisex Dark Brown Huge Luggage Bag

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Dark hues are back in style for the end of the year with suede and leather materials used to create a high-end look for purses and handbags. The Crazy Horse bag offers a rugged and rustic style that allows it to look slightly worn for plenty of masculine detailing. It comes with two handles or a long strap for the option of carrying it by the hand or on the shoulder while traveling. The luggage tag also makes for a trendy addition to the bag and allows the accessory to stand out for a high-end and classy style with the winter season. More people are embracing larger bags that make it easier to carry a number of items during the day for a style that is a new take on the messenger bag. You can easily head to the office with the item or even turn it into a weekender bag.

Zipper Backpack

Backpacks are becoming just as popular as purses for a unisex accessory that is easy to carry around throughout the day. The most popular look is minimal without much details for a sleek style that is bold and edgy for the winter months. The most versatile looks only include a zipper or two on the accessory and can be paired with combat boots or a slouchy hat for a masculine look that even women can embrace. It makes for a comfortable transition from shoulder bags and is easy to take on the go for those heading to class or the office.

Brown Leather Tote

Brown leather totes that are slim in their shape and design, known as one of the latest bag trends for the coming season. The minimal style is easy to pair with a number of different outfits and makes it easy to throw a number of different items inside for an item that is slightly more functional than a purse. The lightweight design of the bag makes it easy to take on the go with a high-quality leather material used that is a slightly different shade than the handles for a hip and organic style. The bag is also popular in metallic shades for an edgy look that stands out in the bleak winter weather.

Erin Templeton BYOB Shoulder Bag

Slouchy shoulder bags that are effortless and a bit worn in are ideal for an item that isn’t too high maintenance. This style is one of the current trends for winter and embraces the grunge and bohemian look that is currently hitting the runways. The bag uses pebbled leather and a lined interior for a product that will withhold its value for several years. One of the most popular details of the product that allows it to stand out is the long shoulder strap that makes it to hang loose and feel lightweight while traveling. It also comes with a pocket on the interior for an easy location to find your favorite lipstick or cell phone.