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Top 5 Nail Design Trends for 2014

Nail Design Trends
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Mixing up your nail colors and design is a great way to add some color, spunk, or originality to any outfit. Making changes to color, design, length, or shape is an easy way to accessorize a particular look and further establish the tone you’re going for. Just like wardrobe trends change seasonally, so do nail trends and styles. In fact, here are 5 ways you can stay on trend this year just by trying out some different nail designs:

Nail Design Trends 1) Metallic Stripes

One new trend we’re already beginning to see this year are metallic stripes over solid colors. Adding some metallic shine to your nails can give any outfit an extra element of glitz and glamour, and doesn’t necessarily need to be done in the salon. While it may be a slightly more difficult DIY project, there are plenty of online nail DIY tutorials available to help you out at home.

2) Simply Polished

A trend we picked up from the most recent Mulberry fashion show is a simple manicured look with just a clear polish. This look is great to look low-key, professional, and natural. Maintaining this look can be done at home fairly easily with quality beauty products. While this look is easy to pull off, you need to be good at maintaining clean nails without biting or letting them grow too long.

3) White wash

Along with the simple clear polished look on the runway were the simple nude white polishes. Not to be confused with a bright white¬†√† la French tip, this white is a little more washed out with a soft nude tone. This is another great look to utilize if you’re looking for a clean-but professional look.

4) Short and neat
A simple trend you can keep up on your own this season is keeping your nails on the shorter end. Gone are the days of Rihanna’s dark and long pointed claws, and in are the short clean and natural cuts. Whether you go with your natural nails or acrylics, this look can be done with any type of nails. While we’re still seeing a few pointed tips out there, they’re definitely moving towards lighter and brighter colors as opposed to the dark tones we saw last season.

5) Matte
While matte polishes made their appearance a few seasons ago, this is a trend that’s here to stay for some time. With so many creative ways to play with this trend, your options are nearly limitless. Try a simple design using a matte polish with the same gloss color for a subtle but interesting look to pair with any outfit. For even more simplicity, try just a basic color completely in a matte polish. Because this look is more unique, even a simple color can stand out in your outfit.

Next time you’re looking for a simple way to update your look, without making any long term or expensive changes, try one of these looks to keep your style fresh and trendy!

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