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Top 5 Hair Extension Care and Maintenance Tips

Hair Extension Care
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Hair extensions are a fun, easy way to instantly lengthen your locks to achieve the hair styles you desire! In order to keep your extensions in the best condition possible, you will need to take care of them properly on a daily basis. Here are the top 5 hair extension care and maintenance tips for you to use on your extensions to ensure their longevity and quality.

  1. Hair Extension CareWash extensions with a gentle shampoo as you would your own hair. Try washing every 3 days if you wear them often for the best results. Detangle the hair first, then wash very gently, never be too vigorous. It is important that you wash your extensions in order to reduce build up and keep them nice and clean. While washing is essential, you want to be sure not to over wash or wash too frequently because this may wear your extensions our quicker and leave them feeling dryer over time.
  2. Brush the extensions daily. Brushing your extensions will help to keep them smooth, detangled and neat. When they are not brushed, you may end up catching the extensions, ruining them.
  3. Avoid wearing your extension to bed. While you may fall asleep with your extensions in from time to time it is much better to take them out first. When you sleep with your extensions in, they get tangled easily and may even get caught or pulled in the night. Untangling them in the morning is often a pain and can make getting ready to leave the house challenging and time consuming.
  4. Limit use of hot appliances and tools when possible. If your extensions are made of real hair, you can style them as you would your own hair. Even so, using hot appliances like flat iron straighteners, blow dryers, and curlers isn’t good for any hair if done too often. The hot tools can break down the hair, potentially burning it and leading to serious damage and split ends over time and with excessive use. Limit the use of these tools for special occasions or only a few times a week.
  5. Finally, always condition your extensions to leave them silky smooth and hydrated. A leave-in conditioner is often a great way t keep these strands healthy as an easy addition to your hair routine each day. Spray it in and work the product into the extensions working in a downward motion making sure to get to the ends. A spray is ideal because is it light and will not weigh hair down. Avoid heavy hydrating products that can over saturate the hair leaving it limp an lifeless.

Since you likely invested a lot of money into your hair extensions and bought them at a reputable salon like  Studio 417 Salon, you want to make sure they look great and last a long time! To do this, you can easily integrate these tips into your hair extension maintenance routine for fabulous results. Always wash gently, condition lightly, brush regularly, take extensions out when sleeping, and reduce the use of hot appliances when possible.