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TITLE: Renting The Best Tuxedo For Your Prom Event

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Prom is one of the most special events in the life of every high school teenager as it comes with lots of fun and entertainment. Prom outfits and fashion basics are no longer just things girls worry about, boys too pay attention to them. For boys, getting your prom outfit ready may not take as long; however, it still requires effort and careful thought to ensure that the outfit goes well with the event.



Here is a simple prom tux rental guide for a perfect prom night experience.

Formal wear basics

Start off by determining the formality of the prom event in order to identify the proper prom tuxedos that you can choose from. The formality of the prom, a formal, semi formal, cocktail attire or a creative black tie event? Here is a simple guide to understanding the etiquette requirements for formal wear for prom events.

A formal event requires a tuxedo for the man and an evening dress or a cocktail gown for the woman. A semi formal event on the other hand calls for a dark suit or tuxedo for the man and a cocktail gown for the woman. A creative black tie event allow more freedom for the man to express a signature look by putting on an electric bow tie or a trendy tie while the woman wears a dress of any length. Finally, cocktail attire translates to a dark suit for the man and a cocktail dress for the woman.

Choosing the prom clothing

Once you have established the formality of the event, there are a couple of other elements that you need to consider. How formal will the date’s outfit be? You should match your formal wear to the level set by your date’s prom clothing. Other items that you need to consider is complementing or matching her color schemes. Finally, you need to decide whether you are going to rent or purchase your prom dress.

The benefits of renting your prom tux

This is usually the most cost effective route for teenagers having few social events that require formal wear. Prom tux rental stores specialize in formal wear field and have a wealth of advice to share with men looking to rent formal wears. Renting a prom tux is a turn-key purchase that comes with all the accessories needed to get you ready for the event. Better still, the rentals are simple, cost effective and easy to use. Click here to learn more about affordable prom tuxedo rentals.

Prom clothing accessories

Here are some of the accessories that you need to consider adding to your formal wear for the prom night:

Cummerbunds — You can use these to match the color of your prom tuxedo in order to create a monochromatic look or complement your date’s dress. Also, remember that cuff links are a must with tuxedos, so make your shirt choice carefully.

Bow ties- These accessories come in tie-it-yourself or pre-tied styles and are a great way to express your personal style. Black or white neck ties are traditionally used with prom tuxedos. However, matching the tie to your date’s dress color is an exceptional way of adding a signature look to your prom outfit.

A prom night is usually an exciting night for every teenager. Having the right formal wear builds confidence and self esteem for this event. By sticking with this simple guide, you can easily find the right prom tux rental for a memorable event.