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Tips for Getting a Great Haircut

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A good haircut can make you look years younger and pounds thinner. It can add body to fine hair, and make thick hair more manageable. In case you have frizzy hair and/or your hair is hard to tame, you can try yourself this high-scoring hair straightener.

Good-looking hair can make you look polished, playful, sexy, or a little dangerous. It can be a rite of passage, a milestone, and a declaration of independence. A good haircut can give you a new lease on life.

A bad haircut can make you want to die.

If you have never had a bad haircut, I hate you and … No, that ‘s it, I hate you. For the rest of us, here are some valuable tips to make sure you next haircut is fab, and not five weeks of hats and tearful regrets.

1.   Find a salon that specializes in your hair type. One way is to find someone with hair like yours, and a style that you like, and ask them where they go. Another option is to contact salons in your area and ask them if they have a stylist who specializes in your hair type. Some salons may even have websites that provide information about  their haircut services  and tips for getting a good cut.

Whatever you do, don ‘t go to a beauty school or training program–stick with an established and experienced stylist.

2.  Visit the salon before you make an appointment. Your experience in the salon is just as important as the final cut. Also, the condition of the salon, and how the stylists treat the customers can tell you a lot. You should also talk with some of the customers to find out how they feel about the place.

3.  Get a consultation from the stylist. Let the stylist know what you’re looking for in a haircut. Tell him what length you want, bring pictures of the styles you like, and do whatever you need to make it clear what kind of cut you’re looking for.

You should also discuss your daily hair routine, because that can influence your cut. For example, if you tend to wash and go, a cut that needs to be blown-dry and flat-ironed won’t work for you.

However, you should also be open to his suggestions. A stylist with experience should be able to tell you if a particular style will work with your hair type and, if not, how he can create something similar with what you have, or something else that works.

4.  Don’t be afraid to walk away if you’re not comfortable. You might not want to hurt the stylist’s feelings, but if you don’t feel right and let her do your hair anyway, you could end up regretting it. If it seems like she’s not listening to you, that she’s distracted, or that she doesn’t have much confidence, save your hair and ask for another stylist, or go to a different salon.

5.  Make your appointment early. Styling can be tiring work. Also, some stylists might work through lunch and be a little foggy in the afternoons. Many hair salons are closed on Mondays, so make your appointment early in the day, and early in the week – like mid-morning on a Tuesday or Wednesday – to make sure you get him after he has had a chance to warm up on a few clients before you, but before the late afternoon slump.

6.  Watch the stylist as she works. Some salons have this habit of turning the customer away from the mirror, so they can do this big reveal at the end. It’s dramatic and exciting on a reality show, not so much when it’s your own head. If the stylist tries to turn you around, politely ask her to keep you facing the mirror. That way, if you see something that concerns you, you can stop her and ask questions. You don’t need to take over, or backseat drive, but you should be able to ask polite questions about your hairstyle while it is in progress.

If the stylist won’t let you face the mirror, walk away.

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