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Throwback Fashion: 5 Retro Trends that Came Back In Style

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We all know fashion has its own way of self-correcting its trajectory, so it should not be a surprise that some trends come back from time to time in a surprising time-loop. This year we have a mix of the seventies met the nineties that translated to the runway into fabulous designs. If you favor the retro style or feel bohemian at heart, then this year you have all the means in the world to look stylish and hot. And maybe dig deep in your wardrobe and revive some vintage outfits you kept just in case.

1. Smells like Teen Spirit

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to have Cobain return to us, but it seems we have Nirvana music videos unraveling before our eyes in the streets. We are talking about damaged and destroyed denim, of course. Store-bought ripped denim is in heavy rotation these days, especially when paired with slouchy thin blouses in bold colors and patterns. Think you only miss some strappy sandals and some head jewelry? Don’t worry, they came back as well! And if you want to go the full ten yards, don’t forget about flare denim jeans as well!

2. Born to Hand-Jive

Remember Grease and all those singing and dancing scenes? Remember the full circle swing skirts falling gorgeously in a voluminous A-line silhouette, the polka dots, and the flowery patterns? Well, it only takes a sleeveless cotton polka dots tea dress with a full circle swing skirt to feel fabulously retro this season. Fashion designers recommend tiny polka dots and discrete waist enhancing belts, gloves and classic high heeled sandals for a total exquisite effect.

3. Pearls Are Always Appropriate

This is something Jackie Kennedy said and boy was she right! Pearls are making a huge comeback, but we probably said that before. What newer fashion trends taught us about older fashion trends was that pearls started to become more popular than diamonds these days. The reason is simple: while not all women can bring their shiny stones to work or in the park, they can definitely style up an office outfit or a jeans-and-tank-top one with a string (or two) of pearls.

4. The Layer Cake

If you want to go full retro with a dash of contemporary originality, then look for ruffles, oversized bows, retro shaped clothes, sequin, lamé, and embroidery. Don’t forget to wear layers upon layers of sheer fabrics, coarse textiles stacked upon see-through noble fabrics, fur layered over bright flower patterned dresses and retro-style shoes and sandals. It seems the operative concept here is “more is more”.

5. Blue Suede Shoes

Well, they don’t have to be blue, but you get the point: suede. Everything is about suede these days and the footwear industry made it clear for everybody that suede just took a nap in the last years, but now it is quite awake and ready to party. Suede is everywhere, the brownish classic retro one regaining its popularity fast. From fringed jackets to suede high heel sandals and pumps, you will see suede featured in bold colors and fabric combinations.

What retro style do you enjoy more? Is any of the above-mentioned trends on your liking?

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