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Three Surprising Spring Fashion Trends to Watch Out For This Year

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We talked about this spring’s fashion trends many times before, but fashion events are getting more and more frequent and many of them share a few common trends we cannot just ignore. Some items look like taken straight out of old fashion albums, while others are innovative and slightly insane (in the best way possible). From the catwalk and into the streets, let’s see a few amazing ideas, trends and opportunities you cannot miss this season!

1. A Little Bit of History Repeating

In case you didn’t live the 70s era in California, now it’s your chance! Catwalks in Paris, New York or Milan witnessed the comeback of the post-hippie trends in fashion, this time signed by big names in the industry. What are the main features of this trend? Think about long, large and colored dresses or trousers, shoulder-cut blouses, sparkling colors and patterns and statement accessories. The message here is that we can be spiritual without necessarily be religious and we can let our bohemian and laid-back personalities shine with the help of a color abundance.

2. Sleeping in Our Clothes or Walking in Pajamas

Paris set the tone on this one and we have to admit, the idea is gorgeous. If you fell in love with your perfect soft satin pajama set and wished you could wear it casually outside the bedroom, major fashion designers just made your dream came true. This spring we will see chiffon, satin and lace night gowns-inspired dresses, skin-showing voluptuous babydoll cocktail dresses, molded bra cups embedded in T-shirts, lingerie-inspired slipdresses and rompers, among others. We are talking about Chloe, Dior or Celine, so things are getting pretty serious.

3. The Golden (New) Age of Lamé

Full golden attires have usually been associated with party girls and models or with a bunch of grandmas with a soft spot for swag. But this spring, golden lamé dresses, lamé-like leather clothes, gold sequin outfits paired with casual footwear and all sorts of shiny gold fabrics took the catwalks and fashion critics by a storm. The message is simple: don’t be afraid to shine in all occasions! Long gone are the days when a golden sparkling long dress was taken out of the closet only at very special occasions. The new trends convince us that a bit of glam and shine goes well together with an office environment or a casual day out with friends.

Which of these spring fashion trends appeals to you the most? Would you wear lingerie-inspired dresses or would you go for the post-hippie era style and attitude?