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The Ultimate Services for Fur Owners

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There is nothing quite like the feel that comes from wrapping a fur coat around your body. That rich and luxuriously soft fur might make you feel like you’re a wealthy woman from a bygone era or make you feel like you can conquer the world. You probably won’t feel the same way when your fur shows signs of damage from moths, suffers from a strange odor or develops stains from salt and ice. Whether you own one or more furs, you need to think about the type of services available to you and what those services can do for you.


Far too many fur owners make the mistake of thinking they can store their coats, hats and other belongings at home. Even if you wear a fur coat a few times a year, you need to give some thought to professional storage. Moths and other pests living in your home and those with access to your home can eat through the lining and severely damage the fur itself. You also risk odors from cigarettes and candles sinking into the fur. Professional storage ensures that your coat looks and smells its best every time you wear it.


Though you can find tips for cleaning fur at home, it’s always best to work with a professional cleaner. Harsh chemicals can actually burn or singe the fur, and other types of cleaners can significantly lighten or darker the color of the fur. Professional cleaners have access to products you cannot buy in stores, and they can use those cleaners to remove stains and make the fur smell fresh again. Some cleaners also offer waterproofing services that let you wear your coat outside all day long without worrying about rain or snow damaging the fur.

Repairs and Alterations

If you ever passed up on purchasing a fur coat because it didn’t fit right or it had some damage, you might not know about the repairs and alterations that professionals can do. A professional can change the length, fit or general shape of a coat or another fur item to better fit your body. Those professionals can also handle a number of repairs, including fixing damage caused by moths, road salt or your own pets and kids. Visit http://www.mlfurs.com/services/book and other websites to find out more about the types of services professionals offer for those who wear, own and collect fur.