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The Perfect Handbags To Take On A Cruise

Perfect Handbags
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Heading out on a cruise ship is an exciting time, whether its your first cruise or your 100th. Of course, youll want to be able to enjoy every minute of your adventure while youre out there, and that means being prepared. Youre likely to spend a lot of time choosing and packing what youll bring along””ensuring that your cruise wardrobe is stylish yet comfortable, and that you have all the supplies you need to make your trip a great one.

Perfect Handbags But have you thought about the right handbag to take on your cruise? Choosing the perfect handbag can have a positive impact on your enjoyment while youre off soaking up the sun, sailing the oceans, and visiting exotic ports of call.

What to look for in a cruise handbag

During a cruise, your handbag should provide you with four things: security, convenience, comfort, and style.

Security: Any time youre traveling, its essential to make sure that you and your possessions are as safe as possible. Youll typically have your handbag with you, so security is an important concern.

Choose a high quality handbag thats made for durability””this makes it harder for potential thieves to cut either the straps or the bottom of your bag. You should also make sure you have compartments with fast access where you can store your most needed items. The longer you have to spend digging through your purse, the more vulnerable you could be.

Convenience: Speaking of compartments, your best bet for a cruise is to purchase a handbag that offers plenty of separated places to stow your stuff. Look for a purse with both interior and exterior pockets (secured with snaps or zippers, especially for exterior compartments) to help keep you organized and ready to find what you need at a moments notice.

Comfort: When youre on a cruise, you get to enjoy not only the ocean travel, but also visits to ports of call. Your cruise may have one or more stops where you can indulge in shopping, dining, and entertainment””and youll want a comfortable handbag for your shore excursions.

The best option is to choose a handbag that has cross-body straps, preferably with handles as well so you can switch carrying methods if desired.

Style: Look your fashionable best on your cruise with a purse that speaks to your good taste. Having a designer handbag can really make you feel great””choose a design thats versatile and goes with anything you have in your wardrobe.

MZ Wallace handbags: A great choice for cruises

If youre looking for a handbag that meets all of these requirements, consider the MZ Wallace “Bianca” gunmetal twill nylon handbag. This stylish and versatile tote is made with high quality materials, including Italian leather trim with protective feet for added security. The Bianca can be worn cross-body or handheld, and comes with two exterior and six interior pockets for stowing the items you use most.

Inside, theres a large zip pocket, a Metrocard pocket, and four tech pockets””with three wide enough to hold your smartphone. The bag itself is large enough to accommodate a tablet or laptop up to 13 inches, and comes with a detachable market purse for brief excursions when you dont need a larger handbag.

Best of all, the soft gunmetal with metallic sheen will coordinate with all of your favorite cruise outfits!

Written by Brandi Secher, Owner and Senior Buyer at Shirise. Brandi specializes in handbag, jewelry and accessory selection for Shirise and has been an integral part of the store since its opening 28+ years ago.