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The Five Hottest Bag Trends for this Year’s Winter Season

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Women and bags have a long-lasting and almost intimate relationship. This is why fashion designers invest a lot of creativity in these accessories, coming up with the most beautiful (and even craziest) ideas. After watching all important fashion shows of the season and taking note of the most interesting models featured on stage, we’re here you to present the five hottest bag trends for this winter season.

1. Fringed Bags Go Well with this Year’s Trends

Since this whole year had a retro feel, it was only logical to relieve the seventies in the fall / winter season as well. Major designers turned their eyes towards the fringed bags, be them fringed cross-body clutches, saddle bags, handbags or tote bags. Coming in a wide variety of colors, textures and materials, from suede to leather, the fringed bags are the superstars of this winter, be them cross-body clutches or over the shoulder purses.

2. Retro Classic Models are Back in Business

“Chain-straps” is the key word when it comes to bringing old classics back. Gucci impressed the fashion world with the double-chain strap, while Chanel took things up a notch, presenting the leather-chain intertwined purse straps. This winter’s bags are large and comfortable, with strong leather bodies in black and classic prints. D & G and Michael Kors also came up with old-school bags for the modern woman.

3. Square Box Handbags for the Free Spirits

Imagine makeup cases turned into veritable office boxy handbags for the powerful woman running an office. Imagine textile square clutches for the bohemian young lady who reinvents herself every day. Imagine manly colors, such as black or army green or pastel colors, from beige to sweet pink. They all make the same statement: the square hard cases, be them in alligator skin or wood, will make this winter look so cool, it will want to stay longer.

4. Geometry and Fashion Meet and Split

Speaking about square-shaped hard cases, let’s see the other side of the coin: the purses, bags, and clutches inspired by fantasy flicks and the twisted imagination of their designers. Would you ever wear a bath-sponge-shaped handbag? How about cylinder-purses resembling candy boxes? Or futuristic models suggesting irregular geometrical shapes? Designers understood the world’s need to move forward and conquer the future and they offer us the accessories to do just that.

5. Slip-Through Straps Bags are a Must

Clutches have been in fashion for many years, but designers understood women’s need to have a better grip of their purses on the street. This is why the slip-through straps bags are this season’s revelation. They come in small or large sizes, mind you, and in a wide variety of models. Placed on satchel bags or on messenger bags, the new slip-through straps make one of the hottest bag trends of this year.

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