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The Best Outfit for a Late Summer Mountain Trip

women's ankle boots for hiking
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In spite of all the gloriously colored advertisements that flow our way all throughout this season, summer isn’t and shouldn’t be just about the sea side, swimming pools and bikinis. A trip in the mountains or in deep nature is equally satisfying and cool, and perhaps even more so (if you have the same tastes as I do). No matter what kind of trip you eventually opt for (one where you will stay at a tent and must therefore dress accordingly, or one where you will stay at a cabin and are therefore freer in your outfit choices), a mountain trip must be exactly what you need to end the summer on a great note. We have the perfect items in mind to ensure that wherever you go, you’re just as stylish as your friends are used with you being.

This is the list of gorgeous and functional clothes and accessories that will make you quite the presence in the mountain setting.

ray ban sunglasses

1. A good pair of sunglasses (with UV protection)

The sun’s power to get your skin tanning and to damage your body with unchecked UV rays is just as powerful up in the mountains as it is by the sea. Besides the solar protection cream you may use, you also need to protect your eyesight from the harmful effects of sunlight. Take along a good pair of UV protection sunglasses. Our top choice is this pair of Ray-Bans, because what could be more stylish than this classic and mysterious prop? You’ll look like something straight out of a classic diva movie (and not in the bad way).

women's ankle boots for hiking

2. Ankle mountain boots or trainers

Another must-have while in the mountains is a pair of appropriate boots or trainers. Without something comfortable and easy to hike in, your trip can quickly turn sour. The pair you are looking for should be water-proof, anti-slip and super-comfortable (no heels and no wedge, not even if you’re looking at what seem to be the most comfortable wedge trainers in the world). Trust me, any added height can quickly make you slip and cause quite a nasty ankle strain. If you don’t know where to start, go a specialized sports store. They can guide you on from there.

3. An easy to take on and off hoodie

The weather may go suddenly chilly and then suddenly warm and sunny and so on, for several times a day. You should pack along a hoodie which is easy to take on and off, depending on how you’re feeling. A light one with a zip is the easiest choice. Make sure it’s a cute one and not too slouchy and you’ll be the hottest and most stylish presence there still.

4. A rain mac

On the same note of weather being unpredictable, the chances for short showers of rain are also quite high. Make sure you also pack a cute rain mac in your backpack and take with you. You could even opt for a festival mac (just make sure it’s the type loose enough to be able to cover your backpack as well).

5. Your loveliest comfy pair of shorts

Last, but not least, your loveliest pair of shorts, preferably from a sturdy material like jeans. Happy hiking!

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