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Tell Me How You Look to Tell You How to Choose the Color of Your Lingerie

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When it comes to choosing the best pieces of lingerie, women know they should look for high-quality and comfortable products. But how do you best choose the color of your lingerie? Some might answer “according to each person’s tastes” and they wouldn’t be wrong. But fashion designers and consultants have a few tricks on their sleeves you should know about. Let’s see today how to choose the color of your lingerie according to the way you look.

What Is the Color of Your Eyes?

Women with brown or black eyes have plenty of choices related to color. They can wear almost any color, from black sexy satin to pastel comfortable cotton undershirt. Of course, red goes great with dark eyes, as well as natural, earthly tones, for a more “quiet” look.

Women with blue eyes can wear any shade of blue, from the cerulean sky one, to the dark, sexy Navy tones. Either you choose an embroidered posture bra to go with the office outfit or a tiny silk nightgown your blue eyes will look spectacular in this combination. Also, if your eyes are blue, you can go with pastel and earthy colors, including olive, peach or light browns.

If your eyes are green, you can try natural green shades or, on the contrary, sparkling emerald tones, in a wide variety of textiles and textures. A breathtaking effect can be obtained also with shades of red lingerie, from dashing shiny reds to dark, mysterious burgundy.

What Is the Color of Your Hair?

Fashion designers advise women to always take into account the color of their hair when choosing their lingerie. We know that nothing is sexier than a blonde woman in black sexy lingerie. However, black pieces may enhance the paleness of your face, so you should be careful. Blonde women can also choose pastel colors for a more “quiet” look, and also earthly shades or fine crafted colored embroideries.

Red-haired women look stunning in red or sparkling blue. However, they can also try black lingerie for a full seductive effect, or, on the contrary, pastel combinations, shabby-chic style, for an innocent look. Red-haired ladies can also try bright white pieces for a perfect contrast with their hair and eyes.

If your hair is brown or black, you have plenty of options as well: from deep shiny black to silver white, they can choose almost anything. New trends emphasize on colored embroideries, pastel, and earthy tones and, of course, light or dark shades of red.

When choosing the perfect lingerie, you should also take into account the tones of your skin, as it is also a very important factor to consider. Porcelain-white skin doesn’t go well with too dark or too light lingerie colors. Women with darker skin can wear strong, bold colors while they should avoid light pastels as they can make them look pale.

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