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Take a Piece of Yorkshire With You

Holidaymakers generally cant resist a souvenir. If you know the feeling, youll be popular with folk whose livelihoods depend on the tourist pound, whether they are in the catering business or selling mementoes such as T-shirts and key rings. If you are in Yorkshire, you have to sample fish and chips in one of the seaside towns; try a pint of bitter, hand pulled, of course; and then think of something to take away with you as a memory of your happy time.



The county

Yorkshire is the largest county in England, and its people are proud of their heritage. It is rich in variety, with a coastline stretching from the River Tees in the North to Kingston upon Hull, to use its full name. Hull is the UKs largest container port and has just been awarded City of Culture for 2017. The Humber River, on which the city sits, divides Yorkshire from Lincolnshire on the way south.

It is a county of towns and cities, and of rivers flowing east down a series of Dales from the Pennines, which divide the county from its old foe and greatest rival, Lancashire. The White Rose and the Red Rose have contested many a battle, real and sporting, and the rivalry is as intense today as it has ever been.

Economic value

Many tourists come to see and experience its history, and they play an important role in the economy of Yorkshire. Much of the traditional industry, things like textiles, has long since shrunk to a trickle, though there are museums that rightly preserve the history of the county.

Even when Yorkshire was thriving industrially, there were plenty of wild and natural places to go to see the countys natural beauty. Day-trippers and those on longer holidays enjoy the small villages and friendly people. Some stay at cottages that are available for rental, or alternatively make a base such as Harrogate or Ripon and drive out each day in a different direction.

Their money is most welcome. Whether they are buying souvenir T-shirts from local suppliers or little presents for their family and friends, many a local business looks forward to the numbers of people who come throughout the summer months to boost their takings.

Many small retailers thrive in Yorkshire. In Patley Bridge, a pleasant drive west from Harrogate, there is the oldest sweet shop in the country, and you should try the traditional pork pies while you are in the town.


These are places surrounded by unspoilt countryside, which welcomes walkers and motorists alike. The locals are proud of their county, and rightly so. Its history and beauty is there for all to see. If you are visiting, whether for a day or a longer holiday, take something of Yorkshire away with you, perhaps a T-shirt with a little sample of the local dialect. It will certainly be a talking point when you get home, as long as you have the translation.

Yorkshire gifts from eee bah gum will be popular with anyone who receives them. If you want to create a T-shirt, get stock for your sports club, or announce you are proud to be from Yorkshire and so are your friends, then get in touch and ask any questions you may have.


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