3 Fashion Gifts for Girls for the International Children’s Day

fashionable gifts for little girls

Almost the entire world celebrates the International Children’s Day at the beginning of June. We know few things make children happier than receiving gifts (and Christmas and birthdays stand as proof for that). When it comes to kids’ fashion, the offer is limitless and always surprising. If you want to start educating your little daughter […]

5 Ways to Style up Your Golden Jewelry

golden jewelry style tips

You might wonder who wears gold anymore nowadays when the accessories industry came up with a myriad of alternatives to the more traditional jewelry. However, gold is still incredibly precious and it is not at all true that only your mom and grandma still wear real golden jewelry. Modern stylists found pretty impressive ways of […]

3 Fashionable Women Watches Styles for this Season

women watches fashion trends

In modern times watches, in all their shapes and sizes, are more than timekeepers – they are important parts of our lives, accessories we can’t live without and pieces of jewelry which set the tone of our everyday look. Let’s see what’s interesting in the world of women watches these days. Are there new brands […]

Fresh off the Catwalk: 5 Spring Accessories for a Fabulous 2016

accesories for spring 2016

Even if we are living the full effects of mid-winter, we can always daydream about spring and its beautiful lush colors and textures, the blooming nature and the… fashion trends. What’s in store for us this spring in terms of accessories, jewelry, footwear, bags and so on? Let’ see the next five accessories which are […]

4 Quirky Fashion Accessories Which Make Awesome Christmas Gifts


Christmas is getting closer and closer, so it’s time to think about Christmas gifts for our loved ones. They say that choosing special gifts for the special women in your life is a difficult task. It may be so as tastes, needs, and desires are very different. But, as usual, fashion designers have a few suggestions […]

How to Make the Best Proposal: New Engagement Ring Trends


Any time is a good time to get engaged, but the search for the perfect ring should begin long before the big proposal day. Gentlemen should know that the perfect ring should first match the taste and preferences of their bride to be. Secondly, it should also be fashionable and unique as the engagement ring […]

4 Wooden Handmade Accessories to Wear This Year


Wood is perhaps one of the most versatile, all-purpose, renewable, and malleable natural elements found on our planet, so there’s no wonder that it is so precious and so highly regarded. But long gone are the days when wood was used to make fire and build strong, durable things, from houses to boats. Today wood […]

What to Keep from Festival Fashion (into Fall Wear)

silver i love you to the moon and back necklace

Summer will soon end, and the festival clothes we all love so much will have to go as well. As soon as the vacation ends, we’ll all need to get back to school or to the offices we work in and put on more ‘serious’ clothes. Also, soon thereafter, the weather as well won’t allow […]

Jewelry Expresses Devotion


Diamond rings werent always the traditional stones for engagement or wedding rings. For example, in the Victorian era birthstones were often used as the gem of choice. Neither have diamonds always been prized as the supreme gemstone. During Cleopatras reign she purportedly dissolved a pearl from one of her famous earrings in a vinegar cocktail […]