5 Pop Culture-Inspired Costumes to Rock this Year’s Halloween Party

pop culture halloween costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and people of all ages are thinking about the perfect scary or funny costume to make an impression. The good news is you can find inspiration in pop culture and the latest trends in Halloween fashion. One such trend this year is to make Halloween costumes less frightening and […]

Let’s Talk About Women’s Vests: Wearing and Styling

fashionable womens vests

Early summer and early fall are the best times you can wear a vest over a shirt, a dress, a tank top and even a sweater – provided you know how to pick the ones that truly compliment your body features and your personal style. Vests have a fashion and some trends of their own, […]

Travel in Style: 4 Must-Have Items for Gorgeous Vacations

must have items for stylish travelling

Once upon a time, men and women travelled in high style, wearing tuxedos on planes and heels or evening gowns in the Orient Express. Nowadays, it seems that we traded elegance for comfort and practicality, but this doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t add a few items to our luggage to make our travels more interesting. […]

5 Fashionable Easter Gifts to Shop for Your Special Lady

fashionable easter gifts for women

If you didn’t have the time to shop for Easter gifts yet prepare to be amazed: we have a list of 5 fashion must-haves for women all ages and styles. As you know, we are all about fashion trends and runways highlights, so take advantage of the new 2016 key pieces of clothing and accessories […]

How to Style an Off Shoulder Long Sleeved Black Fitted Dress

Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Black Fitted Dress

The little black dress is a timeless piece and all women have (or should have) one in their wardrobe. Given the newest trends of this spring / summer trends, the off shoulder long sleeved black fitted dress is the hottest black dress you can get your hands on this year. Such a black dress can […]

3 Hot Bridesmaid Dresses Trends for Spring 2016

bridesmaid dresses trends

If you ever thought that fashion designers focused only on new high-end, business or casual outfits, we are here to tell you that you may have gotten things a bit wrong: there was no way that the fashion and accessories industry forgot about bridal and wedding attire. To prove that, today we are going to […]

Cuteness Overload: 3 Slim-Fit Winter Outfits for Casual Wear

slim fit winter coats for casual wear

Many ladies dread winter due to the many layers of clothes they have to wear and the dominant trend of finding slouchy and oversized winter sweaters or jackets. While there’s an entire fashion industry department focused on elegant, elaborate winter outfits (we have covered a few times already), today it’s time to take a look at […]

5 Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

creative ideas valentines day gifts for her

Gentlemen, this one is for you! Is Valentine’s Day getting closer and closer and you didn’t manage to buy the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend or fiancée? Worry not, because we are here today to offer some creative gift ideas to make her fall in love with you again. Forget the classic chocolates, heart-shaped […]

Three Surprising Spring Fashion Trends to Watch Out For This Year

lingerie inspired clothes 2016

We talked about this spring’s fashion trends many times before, but fashion events are getting more and more frequent and many of them share a few common trends we cannot just ignore. Some items look like taken straight out of old fashion albums, while others are innovative and slightly insane (in the best way possible). […]

Fresh off the Catwalk: 5 Spring Accessories for a Fabulous 2016

accesories for spring 2016

Even if we are living the full effects of mid-winter, we can always daydream about spring and its beautiful lush colors and textures, the blooming nature and the… fashion trends. What’s in store for us this spring in terms of accessories, jewelry, footwear, bags and so on? Let’ see the next five accessories which are […]