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Summer Fashion Essentials For The Curvy You

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Summer Fashion Essentials For The Curvy You

No matter what time or day you’re reading this post, it’s the ideal time for you to indulge in a little summer shopping. Because, really, when isn’t a good time for finding fashion essentials that complement your silhouette?

Specifically for all you curvalicious ladies out there: it’s time to update your wardrobe with the latest trends of the season. Enlisted here are some fashion essentials that will stylishly complete your summer look:

Summer dresses

Maxi and jersey dresses are the best fashion choice for curvy women. Not only they are flattering and comfortable, but they enable you to underline your waist and show off that beautiful body.

These dresses are as fashionable as their less-curvy counterparts, with patterns and prints giving them an extra zest, and the mixed colors adding an extra glow to your skin. The long flowing ones look great in a burst of artistic, geometrics matters. Black and white graphics or a series of floral prints could also work well.

Usually delicate fabric makes the best jersey and maxi outfits. The range that makes up lovely gowns includes satins, silk, chiffons, and georgette. Remember these are very delicate fabrics which make the pattern look stylish and elegant.


Coming over to the sexy swagga-licious beachwear, the trends for this year include ruffles, fringes, and pin-ups. Break away from black this season; bright solids also have a slimming effect. Don’t slack off; take the plunge. Choose necklines that show cleavage or that have details for keeping attention at your upper half.

The trending styles like those available in the Curvy Kate Swimwear line are fun and whimsical. From low rise to high rise and molded to contour swim tops; the latest styles are great for a comfortable fit and stylish look.

The vintage look is also trending if you’re looking to channel styles from the past. Twisted one piece and halter tops support your curves in the right places while this beachwear style is also very slimming. Expect to shine with all eyes on you.


Summer 2014 is the time to bring out your flirty-self with low hem, drill and pencil skirts. A-line skirts are also a top choice for curvy women; it fits any body type and streamlines the look of your hips, butt, and thighs.