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Stylish Indoor Clothes to Keep You Warm This Winter

indoor stylish winter clothes
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With the low temperatures outside, staying indoors enjoying warmth and comfort is the wisest thing to do. Especially if you don’t have to go anywhere and you get to enjoy a long cozy weekend. But truth be told, adding layers after layers of clothes, even if indoors, is not the fashionable way to go. Let’s see today how you can slip into something more comfortable to keep you warm and preserve your cool exterior.

1. Thermal Leggings

Good for wearing both outside the house and inside, thermal leggings are a blessing if you want to wear thinner clothes indoors. Many are cut a little bit higher than normal leggings or trousers, so they stay invisible under jeans, wide-legged trousers or maxi skirts. They are thin, incredibly warm, tight and comfy. And the best part is they won’t make you look bulky or big no matter what type of clothes you wear over.

2. Modal Vest

 The thermal vests usually look bulky, saggy and heavyweight and they may be practical, but they surely aren’t good looking. Fortunately, some smart people invented the invisible thermal vests, made of modal – a semi-synthetic fabric mixed with silk. It is extra soft, retaining heat in the same time. You can wear it under blouses, dresses or tight tops and nobody will spot a thing.

3. Fleece Bathrobe

 If you are not expecting any guests but you want to spend a cold weekend inside, drinking a hot beverage and reading or watching movies, a super plush microfiber fleece bathrobe is your best option. Don’t think it’s not stylish or it’s going to make you look like a grandma, indoor fashion designers know what they’re doing when it comes to bathrobes or pajamas.

4. Wool Shawls

Pick the longest, widest and thickest wool shawl you can get and stay wrapped in it while looking bohemian, artsy and perfectly stylish. These comfy soft large scarves are mandatory street fashion pieces this season, but nobody says you can’t keep one exclusively for indoor wear. If you want to be even more out of the box, a faux-fur bolero to cover your shoulders and back also does the trick flawlessly.

5. Ponchos

The poncho (or a stylish cloak for that matter) is your best friend when it comes to outdoor or indoor comfort and style. You can opt for a warm wool poncho to wear over a thinner blouse or top, a shirt even, and look great around the house. The poncho is a handy solution when friends unexpectedly knock on your door and you have to throw something together to instantly look like you’ve just descended from a magazine cover.

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