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White Brings Spring on the Stage

Spring is on the rise and fashion goes well with the spring season. It is all about spreading the words and hues of glamour. With winter gone are those stuffy and heavy clothes for the season and here at the store the Spring Fashion Trend of 2015 is being replicated fine with the choice and presentation of the spring clothes with all the fresh colours and designs. With the finest collection of clog tops and logo sweaters it would be great to walk the stage of life in absolute style. Here at STL you have the list of the popular fashion trends meant for the spring season of 2015. It is lovely on the stage and in real life.


The White Specialty of Spring

You have the perfect bridal white collection for the season. This is the lucky year for all the special brides for the year brings about the gorgeous white hues in dresses to make the brides appear so pristinely precious. You can choose from the mini dresses and even select from the Victorian era look with the dresses along with all the modern edges. These are styles you can best recognise and discover at STL Shirt Company. This is a good time to pay tribute to designers like Givenchy and Louis Vuitton and Erdem. They rock the spring stage with their colourful and special collections.



Being More Casual this Spring

It is no more time to move about in tank tops and miniskirts. You have more romantic things meant for you from the Spring Collection presented by STL. You can at ease put on with the innovative boho look for this season and the dresses are so comfortable. You have the designer Vera Wang and she is the best in making designs so easy and acceptable for you. She loves decorating you with all the funky prints and this makes you appear so perfectly yummy in the wear. The dresses can even make you look like a hippie. The credit goes to Tommy Hilfiger.

The Floral Prints Make you Appear the Blessed One

Fresh floral prints will always make you look like a spring queen. The kind of print never becomes boring and you appear so stunningly beautiful. The design is never monotonous and a bright floral print on the Spring stage is really a stupendous way you got to present yourself with. You have all the designers like Miu Miu, Chanel and Marni and they have the best floral presentations for contemporary women. You look so bold in the striking colours and yet you appear so beautiful and STL has a role to help you have a dynamic look.

The Polo Shirts Have Returned Back

The Polo shirts are much making their ways this season. This is the great style you can follow from the year 1990. The style has been brought back with a bang by STL and you would love to put on that Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt to appear different in the lot. This is an iconic shirt to go well both for summer and spring and the comfort of the material makes the shirt son popular and sought after. The look of the shirt is so classic and it goes well with the females as well. You can easily match one with the maxi shirt to appear so dynamically smart and special.