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Spring 2014 Jewelry Trends

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With Spring just around the corner, excitement arises in fashionable women eager to bust out bright spring colors. And good news- this season we have even more to look forward to when it comes to the trends well be seeing. Small dainty items are out, and bright eccentric pieces are in! This season its time to have a little fun with jewelry and play around with bold statement pieces.Necklace+Gemstone

1) The chunky necklace

Were positive youve already seen the beginning of this trend. “The chunkier, the funkier, the bigger, the better” is a mantra many women have begun to adopt. The best way to pair a big colorful necklace like this is with a simple top. A large chunky necklace will be eye-catching and a definite statement piece. Its best not to pair this with another loud pattern shirt as to not distract from your statement item by picking one place for the eye to rest and focus on. Whether paired with a high neckline letting your necklace drape over your clothing, or a plunging neckline for a night out, you really cant go wrong with this seasons must-have trend.

2) Statement Rings
Going along with the necklace trend are big statement rings. Unlike clothing, with jewelry you can pair two statement items together, as long as theyre on different areas of your body.  With a simple wardrobe outfit you can wear both a statement ring and necklace to really pull off this trend this season. The difference with statement rings however, is that a large statement ring can really bring an element of class to your look. Dont go overboard with an element of funk- try pairing a colorful necklace with something like a large chocolate diamond ring. While this type of ring is classic and elegant, its unique color is bold and speaks for itself.

3) Jewel adorned clutches
Jewelry can go past the purpose of adorning your body and spill onto other accessories as well. Harpers Bazaar recently showed off jeweled clutches as one of the must have items of the upcoming season. Your purse is a great accessory to have some fun with and make a statement with as well. Many women forget how much a purse can add to an outfit by simply choosing one that matches. Keep in mind your purse doesnt always have to match exactly to your outfit. Try choosing something with a bold complementary color or something jeweled to give your outfit a little sparkle. This is particularly important to keep in mind if you decide to go with a clutch. Being that a clutch is held in your hands, it will always be a prominent part of your outfit.

These are three simple trends for any woman to try this Spring that will bring an element of style, boldness, and fun to any outfit. One thing we love most about these 2014 Spring jewelry trends is that they apply to nearly every occasion, night or day. Whether youre on your way to work, a club, or dinner with the family, these elements can be applied to any and every scenario! So have fun this Spring and dont leave your jewelry at home!