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Spice up Your Denim Outfit: 5 Ways to Achieve a Trendy Look

how to style denim
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All women wear jeans on casual occasions or even mixed in office outfits. Denim will forever be fashionable and each season it shows up on the runway in a different manner, a different color scheme or a different fabric combination. However, one thing is for certain: denim is timeless and it can be spiced up, upgraded and styled beautifully even if you don’t buy the latest denim items to rise to the latest fashion trends. Let’s see how you can accessorize denim this summer and look hip and gorgeous even if you wear your college skinny jeans.

1. High Heeled Novelty Shoes

Now we all know jeans work great with stilettos, nude pumps and almost any type of high heeled footwear. But if you want to look like a goddess, you should try some novelty shoes. We talk about animal prints in bold colors, Lucite heels, and shoes with silver or gold insertions, metallic adornments or a mix of leather, faux leather, and precious fabrics. Such combination goes great at casual chic parties and hip events, celebrations and club nights, venue opening or hot dates.

2. Travel Canvas Waist Bag

This is so Carrie Bradshaw and so trendy, it will take your breath away. If you want to ditch the old-time purse, clutch, shoulder bag, tote or handbag and still look hip and modern, try a vintage small canvas travel waist bag to go with skinny jeans and high-heeled flip flops or summer sandals. It keeps all your belongings safe and sound and your body free to move. It works great when you go out brunching with the girls or when you go for an American classic dinner-and-a-movie date.

3. The Little Black Dress

If you have a sporty denim jacket and feel it is a bit old or faded (considering today’s fashion trends), pair it up with your sexy little black dress. The combination will benefit both pieces of clothing and it will turn you into a woman who seems to have just descended from the catwalk. Mix in some statement jewelry and a pair of pointy toe shoes for a chic event or a pair of sneakers for a casual night out.

4. A Serious Office Shirt

…to go with your casual, baggy washed up denim overalls. The contrast is striking, as not many imagine business shirts paired with errands-running denim overalls. From this point on you can be as wild as your imagination allows: wear sneakers for comfort, strappy flat sandals for a modern look or a pair of oxfords to have your picture taken in the street.

5. Overlaid Textures

Mixing different textures is the go-to trend these days and denim is the perfect background for you to pull off a forever stylish look, no matter the season. Add a silk scarf over a denim jacket, a faux fur shawl to go with a pair of skinny jeans, a knitted cardigan to go with your mini denim skirt. Stacking up fabrics and textures has never been easier when denim is around.

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