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Special Gifts for Her on Valentine’s Day

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Valentines Day is the special time for love birds. To most men, it is just about dating, giving gifts and sending valentines flowers but for women it is a little more than it. Its a day to declare your love for her in a unique way, to express your inner feelings and to show what she matters to you. Of course everyone loves to know that! So if you are visiting websites, hoping in stores just to find the super-special gift that says all, sit down and relax. Here is a list of unique items that will make your lady feel wonderful!

Special Gifts for Her on Valentines DayReason I love you pebbles
You might have told her a hundred times that you love her, but have you told her why? What makes her stand out? If not, speak your heart out on this Valentines Day. Jot down the lovely reasons like “˜because you stay by my side; “˜because you make my favorite recipes; “˜because you listen to my poor jokes (the reasons can be many) and write them down on the pebbles. She will get really touched with this unique present.

Year of flowers
Flowers for Valentines Day are always a great idea, but you can also present “˜a year of flowers this year along with the exotic bouquet of roses. It means you can prepare a distinctive gift box for her containing, soil, 12 different flower seeds, 12 colorful small pots and a guide (you can ask any gardener about the instructions). If your girl likes gardening she will love this gift. Planting the seeds together will surely add another amazing moment in your love story.

Personalized accessories
Personalized items are always win-win. Check out what your girl is looking for and get it for her, with her name printed on it. A monogramed bag, keychain, smartphone/ iPad cover, sterling silver necklace or bracelet and stylish leather wallet are amazing gift items.

Birthstone Jewelry
Birthstone jewelry is ideal for any occasion, not just for Valentines Day. Women love to wear gemstones because they are trendy, beautiful and meaningful at the same time. Each month has different birthstone so learn which one correlates with your ladys birth month. You can gift her a fashionable birthstone pendant, bracelet, earrings or ring.

A unique jewelry holder
If you are in a relationship from many years, chances are you have given her numerous jewelry items on her birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Valentines Day. Try something different this year””why not a unique jewelry holder where she can place and display her stuff. Dont spend your bucks on ordinary jewelry boxes, she might have many of them. Get a creative ring, necklace or bracelet holder and make sure it gets laden each year.

Fragrance or beauty products
Your lady may look gorgeous without makeup but she will love to wear that, like every woman. Beauty gifts always definitely bring smile at ladies face. But before you rush to buy a lipstick or perfume, make sure you know her favorite brand.