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Slimming Down For Summer: Ways to Shed Pounds Without Working Out

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Every woman wants that ultimate summer body, but not every one of us has the time and money it might take to sculpt one. If you’re like most modern women, you’re always on the go. Whether you’re holding it down in the office, or taking care of the household all day, there never seems to be enough time to really focus on you and your health. 

The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours at the gym or hundreds of dollars on surgeries. With a few lifestyle changes and a bit of practice, you could easily shed a few pounds before the summer gets here.

1.  Stop Skipping Meals

A lot of times we are so busy trying to make sure that everyone makes it to their respective places on time that we forget to nourish our bodies. Do you know that not eating a meal (especially breakfast) can have a huge impact on your body? Sugar is your body’s fuel and without the proper amounts it can begin to affect your entire body.  Therefore, you don’t want to miss out on the most important meal of the day.

To remedy this, the best thing you can do for yourself is select easy to cook meals or meals that you can eat on the go. Having things like some granola, a handful of nuts, or even a yogurt is a lot better for you than skipping a meal altogether.

2.  Drink Plenty of Water

Not too many of us are keen on drinking the required amount of water per day (8 glasses to be exact), but it is pertinent to our health and beauty. Water is the most natural way to detox the body. It flushes out our systems and can prevent a lot of damage. Failure to drink enough water can lead to problems with your skin, hair, nails, and major organs within the body.

Drinking water is not most people’s idea of weight loss, nor is it a popular beverage of choice. However, if you can get the right amount of water in your body on the regular basis you are sure to see significant improvements in your health. If you’re having a hard time drinking water you might want to try things like adding fruit to the water for a little flavor. Also, try and have a container for water everywhere you go so that there are no excuses.

3.  Eat Healthier Meals

It can be pretty tempting to grab something from a fast food restaurant, or to eat processed foods that are easy to heat up, but these things could really be packing on the pounds. Processed foods are huge culprits for belly fat and can really do a number on your skin, hair, and nails as well. While you don’t have to cut out every processed food or never eat at a fast food joint again, it is ideal to find alternatives that are just as quick and delicious to eat.

The Healthe Trim Facebook page points out some suggestions on healthy shopping that should make it a lot easier for you to get the nutrients you need each and every day. Though buying ingredients that have to be prepared from scratch might cut into some of your time, you can easily prep meals on the weekends or the night before to make things easier on yourself the next day. Healthy shopping along with preparation can keep you from being tempted by easy to make or processed food choices.

4.  Do Something Fun

Life is filled with issues, complications, and drama, so why not allow yourself to have a little fun from time to time. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, that before we know it, we’re stressed out and worn down. Before you allow the daily stresses of life to get to you, it’s best to let your hair down and enjoy yourself – after all, you deserve it.

Exercise does not have to be in the form of going to the gym. You can do things that you love and still burn the calories as you’re doing it. The Healthe Trim Twitter feed gives a list of spring activities that you can do while trying to shed pounds. Anything from dancing with your friends, to playing a game of tennis or softball for enjoyment can really shed those last stubborn pounds.

Slimming down or even the process of altering your lifestyle to live healthier does not have to be a long drawn out process. With a few minor changes and adjustments, you’ll soon see that the pounds will fall off without you ever having to set foot inside of a gym. So whether you’re the ultimate career woman or the full time mom, these above tips should certainly help you to slim down. Not only will you have to change your wardrobe, but you should also notice a significant difference in your skin, hair, and nails for the ultimate body you’ve always dreamed of.