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Skater Style for 2013

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Skater Style for 2013

Tradtional English male fashion is not for everyone; while there is a place and time for the likes of Westrow tailoring and Jeffrey West style formality, not everyone can (or wants to) pull off a three piece suit. For those that feel more comfortable making their style statement casual, nineties urban skater style is back for summer 2013 and the versatile style choice for the modern man.

On the Catwalk:

The catwalk for spring summer was littered with casual cool, with haute couture being pushed aside for laid back chic. The look is set to take us through to AW13 and skater style is all the rage. Thomas Tait drew inspiration from urban surroundings, taking layered textures and urban prints onto the catwalk and Hood By Air, a label rooted in the skate scene of New York, was one of the best received shows at New York Fashion week. Stella McCartney showcased printed silks with skater motifs and even the ultra-feminine Giambattista Valli teamed pink skater shoes with flowing ball gowns.

For Menswear, TopMan Design made a sharp departure from their AW12 collection, abandoning heavy textures and monochromes for acidic neons and vibrant prints. Short suiting in Artex fabrics combined with pink and orange sportswear jerseys, featuring different lengths to allow for layering, were prevalent, as were matching short and shirt sets in unstructured tailoring.

Shaun Samson, on the other hand, interpreted skater style in a more subdued palette. Slouchy oversized shirts and board shorts in checks and stripes with an emphasis on texture followed the layering trend, and a range of fabrics from sheer and metallic through to soft jersey and cotton created depth.

How to Wear it:

Skater Style should not be confused with a scruffy or slovenly look; this is not the nineties and it is not Grunge wear. Oversizing is a key aspect and should be worked into every outfit in some way. The silhouette is an important element of the look, but there is no one defined silhouette that will work for everyone. Experiment with layering until you find something that will work for your frame. Tall, thin frames can carry long-line tees and shin length board shorts and multiple layers of different lengths. A shorter frame would benefit from staying with one or two layers and a knee length board short.

Prints are essential ““ typical urban street-wear graphics combined with washed out camouflage prints in acid neon colours. Prints should not be confined to t-shirts and dont be afraid of clashing casual with smart.

Footwear brands like Vans, Carharrt and Heeleys still have the market cornered, with stores like www.skatehut.co.uk still being the best one-stop-shop for the trend, even with high street competition.