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Show Your American Pride with These 7 Summer Fashion Accessories

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Even though the Fourth of July has just passed, we will always have hundreds of reasons for showing our patriotism. We Americans take pride in our country and we are not afraid to show it. Besides being an icon for American culture and history, the “Stars and Stripes” also serves as a timeless fashion motif for clothing, footwear and accessories. A symbol embraced both by locals and foreigners, the American flag is one of the most stylish prints for summer pieces that we, personally, cannot get enough of. Find your inspiration and show your American pride with these 7 summer fashion accessories below.

1. Bikini

Ladies look simply fabulous when wearing a starred and striped bikini. It does not matter if they wear the stars on the top and stripes on the bottom, vice versa or mixed up, it really has an awesome effect combined with a killer tan. Blondes will especially shine with this choice of swimwear, achieving an all-American beauty look.

2. Swim Trunks

Don’t worry, guys, you look equally amazing with the American flag on your swimwear. The good ol’ stars and stripes on swim trunks look super cool, especially if the guy wearing them is a surfer. Represent your country while chilling at the beach or riding a wave with style.

3. Tank

Both men and women can easily nail the patriotic look fashionably with an American flag tank top. While ladies look great with a loose fitting tank slightly tucked into a pair of denim shorts, guys can opt for a slim-fitting tank to show off their muscles and their American pride at the same time.

4. Baseball Cap

Baseball caps with the American flag printed on them are classic and will really never go out of fashion. You can purchase one with the flag printed as a simple rectangle on the front or you can go for a full print with starts and stripes all over.

5. Sunglasses

If you want a funky and cool accessory, be daring and try out a pair of aviator sunglasses with the American flag printed on the lenses. In addition to showing your love for your nation, you will get a an awesome bad to the bone like feeling while wearing them on the street, trust me.

6. Tennis Shoes

Generally speaking, the Chuck Taylor All Star tennis shoe by Converse is an icon for American footwear, ever since it became a symbol for basketball players. If you take it and print the American flag on it, the effect is even greater. Both high tops and low tops are incredible for this look.

7. Bandana

Pull out your bandana and show the world how much you love your country! An American flag bandana is great for wearing on your head, around your neck or casually tucked into a pocket of your jeans. It does not matter if you are a girl, guy, adult or child, a bandana with the American flag will look outstanding all the same.

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