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Shopping for Your Shape

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Whilst its trial and error finding what clothes suit you best, its not always the most confidence boosting thing to try a dress on in the shop and realise it does nothing to complement your figure. Whether youre athletic, curvy, petite or plus-size, everybody has body hang-ups that theyd like to conceal, as well as areas they want to show off. So that you can hit the shops knowing what clothes you should be looking for to make you look and feel amazing, weve put together a guide to shopping for your shape.


Being under 5ft 3″ can be a nightmare. The high streets petite ranges are never great, and you can often really struggle to find something that you like. High-waisted skirts, trousers and jeans are perfect for petites as they elongate the lower body, making you appear taller than you really are. Obviously these have to be purchased from a petite range or theyll swamp you, but if you cant find anything suitable, regular length high-waisted skinny jeans can always be turned up at the hem. Another top tip when searching for jeans is to look for ankle grazers in a regular length. These should fit perfectly despite not being from a petite range, as theyre intended to be cropped on taller people.


When youre plus-size, you can have the same problem as petites and struggle to find anything that fits perfectly. Look to plus-size clothing specialists like Castaluna Plus Size Clothing and a whole new world of shopping will be opened up to you. If youre body-conscious, go for skimming, floaty dresses and blouses, but if you love your figure, show it off with a pair of soft skinny jeans and a tailored cropped jacket. Look to plus-size blogs like Sprinkle of Glitter and Curves to Kill for style inspiration and some serious wardrobe envy.


If you have an athletic figure and youd like to create a few more curves, skater dresses are your new best friend. They accentuate your waist but will flare out over your hips, creating the illusion of curves underneath. If you love your slim figure and want to show it off, athletic shapes look amazing in skinny jeans. Pair them with floral shirts, well-cut t-shirts and cute cropped jackets if youre a girly girl, or up the androgyny with an oversized coat and ankle boots if thats more your style.

Whatever your shape, you should always wear whatever makes you happy. Its always useful to have an idea of what clothes will best complement your figure though, so next time you hit the shops, make sure you consult this guide beforehand and youll be sure to return home with a whole new wardrobe.