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School Outfits & How to Accessorize Them

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If a few days ago we talked about styling business outfits, today we want to focus on the younger ladies that follow Oh Industry. While you might not be hitting the office, you will definitely be hitting the books in this time because you are back to school. We want to help you do it in style, so here is some advice regarding school outfits and how you can accessorize them. Study your outfit as much as your textbooks and be the most fashionable chick in school!

Private School Uniform

First of all, we want to address our lovely readers that attend private schools. Unfortunately, the majority of private schools do not allow students to wear their choice of clothing, but rather a pretty strict uniform. We love uniforms and basically grew up with Harry Potter and Gossip Girl, so we had plenty of time to imagine what accessories to use to brighten them up and get some inspiration from our favorite actors, as well. When it comes to private schools, accessories are basically all you have to make you stand out from your peers, so choose them wisely. You can either go for classy silver or gold pieces, like a pair of silver designer drop earrings or a statement piece that is not too flashy.

Cute Geek Girl

We have to admit that we all secretly love the cute, hipster, geek girl look when it is put together properly. Even if you do not attend a private school, you can get inspired by their uniforms and wear pleated skirts and knee-high socks, complete with a loose-fitting button-up shirt. The key to mastering this style is by using the ultimate accessory: glasses. This is wonderful for girls who have to use eyewear to see well, so choose your favorite pair of hipster glasses to complete your cute geek girl outfit.

Pretty Plaid

If we were to choose just one pattern that works amazingly with school outfits, it would definitely be plaid. It looks wonderful on basically any piece of clothing, from pleated skirts, to shirts, pants, dresses and even coats. You can go for a classic, all-American look by wearing a lumberjack shirt, a pair of skinny blue jeans and white Converse All Stars. It will be appropriate for even the pickiest teacher and you will feel cool and comfortable throughout the whole day. To show your pride, you can add a letterman jacket with your school’s emblem to finish off your outfit.

Sweet & Stylish

Last but not least, we have the perfect outfit idea for girly girls: just keeping it sweet and stylish. You can play around with all sorts of shades of pink, either on accessories or your shirt / blouse. For example, the perfect outfit for a sweet and stylish look is taking a loose white sweater, matching it with some cool jeans, a pair of gray flats, boots or tennis shoes and casually wrapping a light pink scarf around your neck. You can pull your hair back in a ponytail and wear your favorite subtle earrings. Don’t forget the lip gloss!

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