Reasons Why Alternative Clothes Should be Allowed in the Workplace

Alternative Clothes

Workplaces have different rules when it comes to what employees are allowed to wear. Some companies require a strict dress code. Employees are only allowed to wear clothes based on the prescribed attire. Others even require a uniform that everyone has to wear on a daily basis. There are companies that relax the restrictions at least one day a week.

For more modern companies though, employees are allowed to wear whatever they want. They are not bound by strict rules. This is true especially among start-ups established by millennials. They are less concerned about what employees wear, but more about how they make use of their time at work.

The truth is that what a person wears to work does not necessarily have an impact on the quality of the services provided. Therefore, there are arguments to be made in regards to the use of alternative clothing at work. Employees must be given the chance to wear whatever they want for these reasons.

Creativity is promoted

Workplaces are not supposed to be for people who think of the same thing over and over again. It should not be a box that prevents people from expressing their ideas. They will have more courage to be expressive if their creative minds are not blocked. They must be given the opportunity to wear whatever they want if it helps them feel more relaxed and come up with ideas.

Alternative clothes are usually allowed for jobs like graphic design, photography, and writing. This is mainly due to the nature of those jobs. People are required to be creative and they need to be in their most comfortable outfit at work.

Even other jobs require critical thinking and perceptive skills as well. Therefore, the idea of allowing alternative clothing should be applicable to all jobs. Again, the goal is to get the job done and enforcing strict dress codes does not help.

Society is becoming more progressive

The types of clothes people wear in general change over time. There was a time when it was a taboo for women to wear clothes with a really low neckline. Today, it is already acceptable even in the workplace. Times change and people are becoming more progressive. Therefore, the types of clothes people are allowed to wear at work must also evolve. As long as they don’t wear something obscene and offensive, there is nothing wrong with it.

Corporate ideals are out of touch with reality

It is a misconception among people in the corporate world that if you dress a certain way when you are at work, you will gain more respect. This might be true, but only because society has created such a structure. This can be changed too as the way people dress does not really speak a lot about their competence at work. Several companies have lost qualified candidates for jobs because they thought the person was not good enough due to the choice of outfit, when in fact the person was highly qualified.

Given these reasons, it is important that companies start changing the way they view dress codes and allow more self-expression.


Image: Pixabay.com