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Purchasing a Jewelry Safe as a Gift

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Are you looking for a way to protect your or your loved one’s prized jewelry or perhaps some high class holiday gifts?

Everyone should own a safe in order to protect their jewelry and other valuables. These personal items not only hold a high financial value but also carry a much more important sentimental value. Which is why giving a high quality jewelry safe for the home is the perfect holiday gift.

Even if you own a home security system you still need a safe. Home security systems are not 100% foolproof. Electronic malfunctions do in fact happen. What if you forget to arm your home security system before leaving for the day? There are common downfalls of home security systems that are worth knowing about.

Once a home is broken into there is a gap in time between when the alarms are sounded and the arrival of the police. This open window leaves crooks ample time to steal valuables inside the home. Unfortunately, thieves are often people that know us very well. We do not realize their true intentions until after the crime has been committed.

Your maid, pool man, handyman or even your friends or your spouse’s friends could be thieves in the making. A home security system will do nothing to stop this type of thief. You’ll be thankful for making a one-time investment in a jewelry safe. It offers you peace of mind which is often something that money cannot buy. You want your jewelry protected in a safe as it is your final defense mechanism.

Once you’ve decided to buy a jewelry safe it is important to select the appropriate one. A fire-resistant model is almost always the best choice. If you have a fire-resistant safe then you will ensure the safety of your valuables without worrying whether sprinklers functioned properly in the room that stores your jewels.

Why risk even minimal damage to your rings, watches, necklaces and other valuables? They hold that special sentimental value that is irreplaceable.

You should also give strong consideration to purchasing a safe with a digital lock. This extra safety step will provide you with even more peace of mind. A digital lock provides customizable codes, quick entry and easy access to batteries. The batteries only need to be changed yearly. When the batteries run low, a warning signal is sounded to catch your attention. Some jewelry safes conveniently allow you to access the batteries on the outside of the digital lock. Unlike mechanical locks, the security code is easily changeable on most digital locks. There is no need to hire a locksmith or a safe technician when you go the digital route.

Some manufacturers are willing to customize a safe based on the consumer’s desires. Some models differ in terms of bolt work that keeps the door closed until being unlocked. Others can have stationary bolts, locking bolts, and 2-way, 3-way or 4-way bolt work.

Certain ones have a “hardplate” – a solid, hard steel that can’t be drilled through by a jewel thief. A special seal is also on the market called palusol. This is a heat-sensitive seal that provides further protection from fires. Customers should also consider additional safe devices such as re-lockers to enhance security.

A jewelry safe is an investment.

Consumers should contemplate the features and security details of safes before selecting one to purchase. It is important that you select the right one for your needs and desires in order to have the comfort of a lifetime of security.