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Popular Locations for a Wedding Abroad

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For couples looking to tie the knot, there is nothing more exciting or memorable than a wedding abroad. Choosing to have your wedding overseas will give you a diverse array of options in terms of locale. These options range from white sandy beaches to cosmopolitan cities, breathtaking villas and even a yacht. When choosing an overseas destination for your dream wedding, you will only be limited by your imagination.


One great destination for a wedding is Fiji. This secluded island is a true tropical paradise, and is ideal for couples desiring a smaller wedding in gorgeous surroundings. There are a number of resorts here that can host your wedding, and for very wealthy couples seeking discretion, private islands are available.


Argentina is the second largest country in South America, and is a wonderful wedding destination for couples looking for a unique experience. Couples can elope at Peuma Hue, where dance lessons and wine tasting sessions are offered. This eco-friendly resort overlooks a spectacular lake with the Andes Mountains forming the backdrop.


Legend has it that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was born on this Mediterranean island. This makes it the perfect destination for couples looking to get married. With its spectacular scenery and sunny weather all year round, it is hard to find a better location in the region. Some couples choose to get married on the water within the luxurious confines of a yacht.


Italy is perhaps one of the most romantic destinations for hosting a wedding. This is especially true when couples choose the Amalfi coast. But this destination is only one of many that Italy offers. Others include the Lucia estate, which is comprised of two historic villas with the Alps as the backdrop. With great tasting food, high fashion and stunning views, Italy is a force to be reckoned with.

Sri Lanka

This island in South Asia is shaped like a tear drop, and couples will shed tears of joy as they elope in its breathtaking surroundings. Sri Lanka has frequently been selected as a top wedding destination for couples desiring overseas marriages, and there is good reason for this. Sri Lanka boasts amazing views of the Indian Ocean, plus it’s a hotspot for wildlife and plants. There are animals and plants here that can’t be found anywhere else. When you combine this with the amazing history and culture of the island, Sri Lanka is a destination that couples will definitely want to consider.


Iceland has a number of features that make it a romantic destination for couples looking to marry. This arctic wonderland is known for its northern lights, glaciers and fjords. It also has lava, giving it the nickname “island of ice and fire.” In the southern part of the country, marriage ceremonies can be arranged at a classical Icelandic church, or couples can host their weddings outdoors near the Skoarfoss waterfalls. Couples who enjoy being in water together can go swimming in the Blue Lagoon spa.